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10 creative ways to use wallpaper throughout your home

WordsMegan Lambert


To paint or to wallpaper? It’s one of the oldest questions in the decorating world. From how to hang wallpaper to every wallpapering tool you'll need to do it, we're here to make decorating easy). So if you're in a muddle about whether to take the plunge or you're tempted but unsure about how to prepare your walls for wallpaper, take a read of these 10 creative ways to use wallpaper throughout your home.

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Wallpaper your entire room

Wallpaper was all the rage in the early 20th century when would-be home-decorators would paper their houses top to bottom. So why not go classic and take some inspiration from its early origins and wallpaper your entire room?

Not only will it have a dramatic effect but, by blurring the lines around the edge of the room, it can actually make a small space appear bigger and inject some fun into downstairs bathrooms. Quirky designs make ideal wallpapers for nurseries or children's bedrooms, and today, with greater durability, you can even wallpaper your kitchen.

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@statelyscrunchies creates an immersive feel with Jungle 03

Mars Meadow floral wallpaper via @_VITASTUDIO_

Wallpaper a feature wall

If you're not ready to commit to an entire room, why not create a feature wall? A popular look when it comes to bedroom wallpaper, it's a great way to add pattern and style without worrying about overwhelming the space. We like to think of our wallpaper as wall art. From floral wallpaper to geometric wallpapers, think about selecting your wallpaper like you would a piece of art. It's all about freedom of expression and what your wallpaper says about you.

@Love.ciandra opt for a feature wall in Jungle 02

@design_to_dream opts for Mars Meadow 01 for her feature wall