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5 studio apartment decor ideas



There is a misconception around studio apartments that they cannot be both functional and beautiful. But we at My Bespoke Room, UK's #1 rated interior design professional, are here to prove this theory wrong!

Recently, our Head of Design, Lucy Henderson visited Lick’s Lead Colour Specialist, Tash Bradley and created some incredible videos as they toured her stunning studio apartment in South London. Check out the #MeetTheExperts video series and take a look below to see our top tips for both renters and buyers of studio apartments.

Consider how you use your space

Make sure that before you dive into our fantastic ideas that you know which space is most important to you. For example, if you often play host to your friends and family then it’s important to prioritise your entertaining space, like your dining and living room areas. If you often watch movies with your guests then you may want to leave a wall clear and instead use a projector to host your next movie night. It’s cheaper, practical and has a certain excitement and nostalgia to it.

Likewise, if you value a good night's sleep, then make sure you separate your bedroom and living space to allow a place to wind down. This was the first thing on Tash Bradley’s list when she moved into her beautiful studio apartment, as she wanted the bedroom to feel separate from the rest of the flat. After all, when you live in a studio, an open plan kitchen and living room space is absolutely fine, but in the bedroom, you want that feeling of going to bed. Use a more soothing colour scheme and a relaxing lighting scheme to help ease your mind from the soaps on TV and a long day's work.


Studio apartment idea: build your own walls

One of the simplest ways to separate rooms is by visually blocking sections off. Many people buy plastic room dividers but this can look very basic. You can carve out space in your home by using some of our more innovative interior design techniques.

Why not use a bookshelf as a makeshift room divider? Not only will it look more sophisticated but also means you can create as much or as little privacy as you like by decorating the shelves with house plants, curated memorabilia and obviously, books!

If you’re looking for something that will take up very little space or maybe something more flexible, then you may want to think about using curtain dividers. These are especially popular for separating the bedroom area from the rest of the space. You can either set up a curtain rack to divide the area or even attach curtains to the ceiling around your bed.


Dividers are great for creating zones but they often make the separated room quite dark as you’ve blocked the natural light. One way to get around this is to use panelled glass wall dividers. These are fantastic for creating a “bedroom zone” while letting light in and giving some small degree of privacy.

In fact, Lick’s Head Colour Specialist, Tash Bradley uses this in her incredible studio apartment in South London. Tash gave Lucy a tour of her stunning home – click here to take a peak.

Studio apartment idea: create the illusion of space

It’s incredible what you can do in your studio apartment to make it look like you have more space than you do. Mirrors, glass or tiles reflect not only the space you already have but also the light, which makes all the difference!

The more natural light you have, the more spacious and soothing your space will feel. Try to keep from blocking this precious light with bulky furniture. Opt for pieces with a slim profile and with legs rather than bulkier options to cover as little floor space as possible.

There’s some seriously ingenious multipurpose furniture out there that can help you use less space than usual, like ottomans which can be both a coffee table and have an additional soft footstool section. However, be warned that you shouldn’t use too many multipurpose items as it can become impractical. You may find yourself spending most of your time folding and unfolding combination tables and moving furniture around to serve multiple purposes. Make sure you keep it simple!