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6 contemporary style kitchen decor ideas

Red and green contemporary kitchen

WordsMegan Lambert


Contemporary decor style refers to what is happening in the world of interiors right now. It’s sophisticated yet effortless, with a touch of minimalism—and (though there are similarities) not to be confused with modern decor style. Its emphasis on clean and sleek style means the contemporary look is a perfect fit for the kitchen. So, if you’d like to try on the contemporary style for size, take a look at these trendy contemporary decor kitchen ideas.

Contemporary kitchen idea: neutral walls with pops of colour

The foundation for a contemporary decor paint palette is a soothing and neutral colour palette. Kitchens can be rushed and hurried spaces, so use this to create a warm and neutralising base—think calming greys, beiges and greiges to oaty whites for the walls —from which to experiment with pops of colour. You can create contrast and a little visual drama with black accents or colourful cabinets. For example, what about pairing black lower cabinets with light, neutral shoulder level ones. Alternatively, you could pair light, ash wood carpentry with coloured handles for a splash of colour where you least expect it.

Contemporary living room idea: signs of new designs

Contemporary decor is constantly moving with the times and the styles. In a contemporary decor kitchen appliances like your dishwasher, fridge and freezer are ideally disguised as cabinets. Go for a minimalist design with a flat-front in light wood or a dark lacquered finish, whilst countertops are square-edged, often in metal, marble, or tempered glass. The beauty of contemporary design is the experimentation it affords. Add an arty edge with contemporary ornaments, artwork, or curved seating.

Black, white and gold contemporary kitchen

Contemporary bedroom idea: a sleek kitchen island

If the kitchen is the heart of the home then the kitchen island is its oxygen supply. This is no more true than with contemporary decor. Defined by clean and sleek lines, nothing will create this impression more effectively than a large marble or terrazzo kitchen island. Or even stainless steel for a bit of an industrial edge. Whatever you go for, if you’re doing a full kitchen renovation, a kitchen island should be at the top of your list. Not only do they look effortlessly smart, they create a sense of flow in a room that relies on not only style but functionality too.

Red and green kitchen with gold accents and oversized counter

Contemporary bedroom idea: embrace space and minimalism

Which brings us to our next point: embracing space and minimalism. More so than any other room in the house, our kitchens come with a whole load of stuff. Keep clutter at bay by embracing space and a sense of minimalism. Storage and lots of it will be invaluable for hiding the clutter whilst architectural features like large floor-to-ceiling sliding doors or skylights will create a sense of space and bring the outdoors, and lots of natural light with it, in.