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6 neutral kitchen ideas

WordsMegan Lambert


We ask a lot of our kitchens. We need them to be functional, but want them to look fabulous. We want the latest mod-cons, but most of us only renovate them every 10-15 years. It's the space where we cook, entertain, oversee homework and even attend meetings. In other words? Some days they can feel busier than Clapham Junction at rush hour. That’s why these neutral kitchen ideas work so well. 

Calming, restful, and encouraging a sense of flow, these six neutral kitchen ideas are more about creating a relaxing environment than following a decor trend. Whether you’re cooking dinner for ten or trying to rush your kids out the door, these will help you create a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing space and turn your kitchen into the heart of the home. 

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1. Neutral kitchen idea: neutral colour palette

There’s a neutral colour palette to suit every style. In colour psychology, neutral colour palettes are known for their calming effect on the eye and the senses. From Japandi style to Scandi interior style to Lick x Kelly Hoppen, these are some of our favourite colour palettes for creating a neutral kitchen decor.

Japandi style

All about nature-inspired hues, think greens, beiges, and greys with a bit of white in there to tie it all together. Japandi style is all about subtle contrasts, playing with light and dark shades rather than full-on colour contrasts. Try using light walls with dark furnishings or black kitchen units with white overhead cupboards.

Japandi neutral colour palette in Lick paint

Scandi style 

Lending itself well to kitchen decor, the key to a Scandi style kitchen is keeping things minimalistic, and more importantly, clutter-free (time to up your storage game)! The focus is on natural colours and materials—airy whites with soft sky blues, greige hues paired with rustic woods and metal finishes.

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Scandi neutral colour palette in Lick paint