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8 home office design ideas

Home office decorated in Lick Beige 02 paint shade a

WordsMegan Lambert


And the award for the most unexpected interior trend goes to... the home office. As we all clambered to find space in spare bedrooms, dining room tables, and kitchen counters during lockdown, it became apparent that for many of us ‘WFH’ was here to stay. And with it, came a new focus on carving out office spaces in our homes.

We’ve loved seeing your home office transformations, but unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with a spare bedroom or separate office space. Get inspired by these 8 multifunctional home office design ideas to transform an unused corner into a practical yet stylish place of work. 

Home office design idea: zone using paint

Our dear friend colour blocking. Whether it’s carving out space in a bedroom or transforming an unused corner in your hallway, colour blocking is ideal for demarcating a zone using paint—especially if you’re limited by space. A solution to so many of our decorating conundrums, take a look at these 8 colour blocking ideas if you want to improve your home office set-up. Unsure what paint colour to go for? Take a look at our guide on how to find the perfect colour for your home office.

Home office design idea: create a ‘cloffice’

Yet another word to add to the lockdown dictionary, the term ‘cloffice’ refers to a closet (sorry Brits, ‘wardroffice’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it) that has been repurposed as a home office. However, it can also refer to a separate cabinet or cupboard that has been used to store your laptop, desktop, and all the other paraphernalia that comes with WFH. For those of you with a minimalist decor aesthetic, it’s a great way to tidy away clutter at the end of the working day.

Home office design idea: decorate with greenery

There are several good reasons why office buildings across the world are employing biophilic design elements. Not only does it look gorgeous, studies have shown that incorporating indoor plants in your home decor has been linked to improved mood, reduced stress levels, and increased work productivity. So, if your colleague looks like they’re Zoom-ing from the midst of the Amazon rainforest, now you know why.

Home office design idea: display your books

What better way to get in the zone than by surrounding yourself with your book collection. It’s a great way to make use of an alcove, using the top shelves to display your books and the bottom one as a desk. Ok, your home office set-up might not have the tranquil hush of a library, but you can recreate that studious feel with these 6 Pinterest worthy home library ideas. Or, if you’re into a bit of DIY, try this IKEA Billy bookcase hack.