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8 ways to make your home more 'hygge' this autumn

WordsMegan Lambert


Scrolling through your autumn Instragam feed you’ve probably seen a lot of #hygge​​—seldom has a decor trend been a more apt cultural zeitgeist. More than just pumpkin spiced lattes, when it comes to home decor, hygge is about creating a warm and inviting space to share with those closest to you. Sound familiar?

So, with winter fast approaching, once again it’s that time of year when we all need a little hygge in our lives. Take a look at these 8 ways to make your home decor more hygge this autumn.

What is hygge interior design?

First of all, it’s pronounced “hoo-gah”. Hygge is a Danish word meaning ‘cosiness’ but the ideology translates as ‘the art of creating intimacy’. It’s more than just hot drinks and cinnamon candles.

Hygge isn’t about grand, formal entertaining, it’s cushions and throws piled high. Evenings in front of the fire in your comfiest pyjamas surrounded by those you feel most comfortable around. It’s about celebrating the winter months by hunkering down and cosying up. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your home more hygge in preparation for hibernation, here’s how.

Hygge home decor idea: natural materials

A rustic wood coffee table, wicker or rattan furnishings, and exposed beams all work to create a warm and cosy hygge home. Plus, carpets are a big no-no, it’s all about natural wood flooring with thick pile rugs. If you don’t have much in the way of natural wood in your home, what about trying your hand at some DIY shiplap cladding. Painted or left untreated, it’s a great way to create that modern farmhouse feel, synonymous with Nordic design. Our blog on how to create DIY shiplap cladding will help you get the look.

Hygge home decor idea: warm and calming colour palette

When choosing a hygge colour palette look for warming colours, with a red or yellow undertone, rather than blue or grey. If you’re going for more of a nature-inspired look, opt for something tonal like Beige 02 or Green 02. Lighter colours will create a relaxed, airy feel whilst darker paint colours will give that cosy, cocooning look, perfect for a bedroom or a living room in the evening. To get the look, get some inspiration from Palette 04: Timeless Neutrals designed in collaboration with Kelly Hoppen CBE.

Hygge home decor idea: candles everywhere

On your coffee table, on your mantelpiece, on your shelves. If in doubt, if there’s room for a candle there, put a candle there. Extra hygge house points if you’ve got an open fire or log burner. Decor isn’t just about the eyes, it’s sensory, so when choosing your candles go for rich, nostalgic, autumnal scents.

A hygge home isn’t just about gentle living, it’s about being gentle to the planet too. So opt for soy or beeswax candles, rather than paraffin wax. Find out why in our blog on eco-friendly home decor ideas. Extra hygge house.

Hygge home decor idea: cosy blankets

Just as with Scandi interior style, creating a hygge home means layering lots of fabrics and textiles. And when it comes to blankets, you can’t have too many. On your sofa, on your bed, pile them high in a wicker basket—just make sure there is one within arms reach at all times. It’s about texture, rather than colour, so go for thick knits, fluffy throws or bouclé blankets.

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