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How to recreate the Bridgerton colour palettes in your home interior decor


WordsSam Bramley


All images credited to Netflix

As one of the most hyped-up TV shows of 2021, Bridgerton had everyone feeling inspired. Set in the Regency era, the show encompassed hyper-realism with an artistic license that exaggerated colour and drew in the modern audience, filling the TV frame with pure delight.

The Bridgerton team produced a stunning array of vibrant sets and cherry-picked the perfect locations. With season 2 on the horizon and the anticipation of more drama, romance and charming colour palettes, we share our thoughts on the colour theory and psychology behind the sets, and how you can incorporate these eye-catching palettes into your own home decor.

The Bridgerton’s Drawing Room

Bridgerton colour palette

The Bridgerton’s drawing room is where many of the iconic scenes are set. The Bridgerton women often gather here to discuss their latest endeavours, the men that caught their eye and speculations on who Lady Whistledown could be.

Monochrome is very much the popular colour harmony within the framework of the drawing room's interior; using delicate pastel tones of blue that simultaneously add calm and strength to establish the Bridgerton’s presence in society. During the Recency era, blue was also considered a feminine colour. Muted accent colours are woven seamlessly into the palette, with soft pinks signifying a nurturing presence, and purples representing their regal status. 

When it comes to the wallpaper used in the room, a damask design is framed within wallpaper panels. What goes around comes around, and we are already seeing the revival of wallpaper in panels.

The Featherington Residence