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Bring biophilia into your home with botanical wallpapers

Hallway decorated in Lick Botanical 03 wallpaper

WordsMegan Lambert


We’ve gone wild for biophilic design. From these biophilic colour palettes to biophilic wallpaper designs, if there’s a way to bring nature into our homes, we’re all ears. With designs embracing everything from dense forest foliage to leafy botanicals, whether you’re looking for wall-to-wall style or a statement wall mural to liven up a space… here’s how you can bring a little biophilia into your home with botanical wallpapers.

Leafy botanicals

Botanical 03 gives you that texture your walls have been longing for, without overpowering a room. It’s calming and understated—perfect in a traditional or boho decor living room or bedroom. Biophilic in its colour palette, this design will make more of a statement. We love it in a hallway or hanging surrounding windows facing the outdoors. It really brings the outdoors in. 

Forest foliage

If you like to keep things traditional, but still want to embrace nature then Forest 01 or Forest 02 might be the wallpaper you’ve been looking for. Their classic foliage design is reminiscent of those Victorian botanical drawings. And that’s just what wallpaper should be: wall art. Their timeless green colour palette is soothing and easy on the eye: gorgeous in a traditional decor living room or cottagecore decor bedroom. ‘Forest bathe’ in your own home with these soothing, biophilic wallpaper designs.

Hand-painted ferns

One of our all-time favourites, Fern 01 is guaranteed to breathe some life into your interiors. Its soft, leafy motif has been hand-painted and transformed into a wallpaper design. There is something timeless about its style and it’s a wallpaper that won’t dominate a room. With warming whites and gentle greens, you could paste it wall-to-wall in a soothing bedroom or what about using it to create a calming biophilic design kitchen? Wherever you decide to hang it, this nature motif will bring a sense of tranquillity into any room.