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What is Danish pastels decor and why are we obsessed with it?

Danish Pastels

WordsMegan Lambert


Move over Danish pastries and step aside Scandi style decor, our new favourite Nordic export has all the saccharine sweetness of a pic ‘n’ mix stand. We’re talking about Danish pastels, of course. The decor trend sweeping our screen on Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest, we’re seeing more and more of our decorating community lean towards these soothing sorbet shades and quirky wiggly designs.

Whilst the Scandi-style decor trend is all about muted neutrals and breezy whites, Danish pastels embrace every shade of the inside of a bag of Dolly mix. Content creators like pastel-lover Lindsey Isla and Copenhagen-based Simone Noa Hedal show us how to style these fun and youthful palettes. From statement lamps to quirky candles, if you want to inject a little Danish cool into your home, take a look at our guide to the Danish pastels trend.

Lindsey Isla's pink 03 painted kitchen
Image credit: @lindsey_isla
Danish pastels home by @frau.kieselstein
Image credit: @frau.kieselstein

Colourful prints 

Colourful pastel artwork, particularly with floral or natural motifs, is a key component of the Danish pastel trend. It’s pieces like Matisse’s corals (available in a range of pastel hues). We love how Lindsey Isla has styled her Danish pastel-inspired gallery wall, full of floral prints with vibrant mix and match frames.

Lindsey Isla's green stairs
Image credit: @lindsey_isla
Desenio colourful pastel matisse print
Image credit: Desenio

Pastel colour palette 

From gentle pinks to milky yellows, soft lilacs to mint greens, the Danish pastel colour palette is sugary sweet and totally uplifting.