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How to embrace the eclectic style in your living room

Eclectic living room with blue and gold accents by Mathew Williamson

WordsMegan Lambert


If you’re not a fan of following the rules well, then the eclectic decor style might just be the perfect style for your home. Stemming from the Greek word eklektikos, meaning 'selective' or ‘to choose the best’ it allows you to have the best of all worlds by choosing your favourite elements of a variety of decor trends. Inspired by everything from rustic farmhouse to boho home decor with a bit of mid-century modern and maximalist decor thrown in, it’s one of the most laid back and least-prescriptive styles, making it perfect for a relaxed and informal, eclectic living room.

Eclectic-style living room idea: saturated colours anchored down with neutrals

Speaking of colour schemes, an eclectic decor living room should feel fun and playful. Pick one paint colour to anchor the room, and then add a touch of vibrance with accent colours. Just take a look at these 6 colourful bedroom and living room ideas for inspiration. You could try pairing bold or patterned furnishings with neutral colours or use a statement wallpaper to inform your palette. Take a look at our guide on how to make a mood board to find out how.

Image of a playful eclectic colour palette featuring Lick Pink 01, Pink 02, Yellow 02, Teal 03, Green 06, Red 03 and Lick Electric Poppies 02 wallpaper

Eclectic-style living room idea: gallery wall

An instantly recognisable sign of an eclectic decor home is a striking gallery wall that draws you in. A chance for you to display your favourite artwork, signs, and vintage finds​​—that’s right, gallery walls don’t just have to be paintings. Take a look at these 10 gallery wall ideas for some inspiration in your home or get the look with a sneak peek inside Vogue William’s art-filled London home.

Eclectic living room with a gallery wall

Eclectic-style living room idea: a mix of old, new and globally-inspired furniture 

At first glance, an eclectic living room looks fun, youthful, and modern—and they are! But look a little closer and you’ll spot the odd vintage or antique piece juxtaposed with contemporary furnishings, finished off with a sprinkling of global influences. In the living room, this might look like a Parker Knoll wingback chair paired with a velvet sofa, positioned on an enormous Persian rug. The gold rule is to be selective. Don’t fill your living room with “stuff” and tie the look together with a cohesive colour scheme.