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The best floral and botanical wallpapers for a bathroom

WordsMegan Lambert


One of the best ways to transform a space without taking up too much space? Wallpaper. Inject instant and effortless style with a roll or two, or create a statement corner by papering a single wall and painting the rest.

Wallpaper works well in any room of your home, but we love it for hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. Bathroom decor in particular isn’t the easiest, and choosing an interesting wallpaper makes it that much easier to add a bit of style to this normally quite functional space.

If you’re not quite sure where to start choosing a wallpaper for your bathroom, opt for florals, one of 2021’s hottest wallpaper trends. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite floral wallpaper designs for a bathroom to make things a little easier and help you revive even the most lacklustre loo:

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Botanical wallpapers for a bathroom: leafy

Bring the outdoors in with a leafy botanical wallpaper. We love this style of wallpaper for bathrooms as it gives you that feel of showering and pampering yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature. We have a range of botanical wallpapers that won’t overwhelm the eye, including Botanical 03, or the wonderfully delicate Fern 01.