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How to get your garden decor ready for entertaining

WordsMegan Lambert


The peonies are out, evenings seem to linger on forever and even Wimbledon is back on our screens. Summer is officially here. And with its arrival, what better time to get your garden decor ready for entertaining? Whether it’s barbecues, garden parties or al fresco lunches that last until sunset, our 6-step plan will help get your garden guest-ready without it costing the earth.

Garden decor tip: give it a tidy

First thing’s first, you shouldn’t start any decor job with an untidy space. That includes your garden. Whether you’ve got a balcony, back garden, or acres of land, bust out your dustpan and brush, grab your rake or ride-on mower and give it a good old tidy. 

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Before you even think about planting anything new, get rid of old leaves and give your perennials a prune. If you’ve got room, why not think about buying a composter and turn this year’s waste into next year’s fertiliser?

Garden decor tip: get planting

Garden tidy and pruning complete, it’s time to get planting. If you didn’t manage to plant your bulbs back in October (don’t worry, we didn’t either), you can buy fully grown foliage this time of year. Garden centres are a sea of colour in the summer months, so now is the time to go wild. You can even liven up your pots with some leftover Lick paint.

Not only are plants a great way to add vibrancy to your garden, but they’re also good for the environment too (read about all the benefits of rewilding here). Want to bring all the bees to your yard? Opt for pollinators like lavender, daisies, and snapdragon. While you're at it, why not jump on the victory gardens trend? Use your little outdoor space to grow some vegetables or herbs - nothing beats home-grown produce!



Garden decor tip: paint & upcycle garden furniture

Winter months can be tough on garden furniture and nothing makes it look more tired than flaky paintwork. So whether you’re doing touch-ups or a full-blown upcycle, it’s not a bad idea to give your garden decor a fresh lick of paint. Our masonry, brickwork and exterior paint can be used on both wooden and metal garden furniture—even the garden fence (read all about our exterior paint for wood and check out how to paint a fence).

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Garden decor tip: paint your shed

We think it’s time the humble shed came out from the woodwork and became a welcome addition to your garden decor. Because these days, a shed doesn’t just have to be a shed. It can be transformed into a garden office, a yoga studio, a potting shed, a playhouse for the kids or your very own workshop. So whilst you’re getting your garden ready for entertaining, why not give your shed the makeover it deserves too. Give your garden a burst of sunshine with our yellow shed paint.

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