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How to recycle your Lick products & dispose of paint tins

Lick boxes and tins

WordsMegan Lambert


At Lick, we want to make reusing and recycling our products as easy as using them is. Not all recyclables are created equal, and depending on where you live, some items may not be included in your local recycling collection. We're here to help you decode the eco lingo. To make recycling simple.

Lick paint

How to reuse paint

Wondering what to do with leftover paint? Unfortunately, no paint can be recycled, but there are plenty of ways to reuse it. Our paint is super durable and can be used on plenty of different surfaces. Create your own potato print works of art, repaint a kitchen chair, or create a Bloomsbury-inspired fireplace. Alternatively, check with your local council if there are any paint recycling schemes. Your leftover palettes could go towards brightening up a local community centre, renovating government housing or repainting a homeless shelter. For more ways of reusing paint, explore our guide on ways to use leftover paint.

How to dispose of paint

Discover how to dispose of old paint cans safely. If you do decide to dispose of your leftover paint, you need to make sure it has hardened. When it comes to paint tin disposal, repeat after us: wet paint can't go to the landfill! Try adding sawdust, sand, or even coffee grounds to your tin and wait for it to solidify. Once it has, you can responsibly dispose of it along with your household waste. To redress the balance, Lick has teamed up with 4ocean and is committed to helping clear the equivalent of two plastic bottles from the sea, for every tin of paint sold. More on our pledge here.

How to dispose of paint tins

We think our tins are rather handsome, so before you decide to chuck them, what about repurposing them as an industrial-chic vase, a herb planter, or a pot to keep your paint brushes? If you decide not to hang onto your Lick tins, after a proper rinsing you can dispose of them with your household recycling or at your nearest recycling centre. To be sure, check with your local council.

Lick decorating supplies

We're very proud of our supplies at Lick, all of which are either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. We've partnered with the first B-certified supplies company in Europe, meaning all of our painting and wallpapering essentials are manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

Paint brushes and paint rollers

Made from sustainably grown bamboo, our brushes are made to last, and after rinsing can be reused. If you're ready to part ways, once separated the bamboo handle and metal holster can be included along with your regular household recycling. The bristles are made from natural materials, so can be included with your household waste and are entirely biodegradable; whilst the polyester rollers, once removed from their holster, can be included in your household recycling.

Paint trays

Hold your horses and hang onto your trays! Made from sustainably sourced sugar pulp, Lick's paint trays are entirely reusable. You don't even need to rinse them. Just wait for the paint to dry and they can be used again and again. Once finished, rest assured that they are completely recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Include them in your household waste or recycling —the choice is yours.

Our boxes

Made in England, by the country's leading environmentally-friendly packaging company, Lick's boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. Flattened, they can be recycled along with standard household recycling. In fact, they can be recycled up to seven times before being sent to the landfill. Unbleached and unprocessed, once there they will decompose within around three months.

Our wallpaper 

Wallpaper can be a sticky subject when it comes to recycling because of the adhesives used in the process of hanging. That's why we've teamed up with the reforesting initiative One Tree Planted, to plant one tree for every roll of wallpaper we sell. However, made from sustainably sourced FSC certified trees, Lick's wallpaper can be recycled at most household recycling centres, depending on your local council, sometimes for a small fee. If you'd prefer to get creative, there are plenty of ways to reuse any leftovers. From professional looking gift wrapping, lampshade coverings, to DIY wall art: don't let your wallpaper go to waste.

To find out more about our charity partnerships with 4ocean and One Tree Planted, take a read of our sustainability blog posts or to learn more about our eco-credentials, take a read of our 2020 sustainability report.