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How to style new neutral colours in your home

Tash's dining room decorated in Lick Pink 01 paint shade

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This season, the much-loved neutral interior decor style shows no signs of going anywhere. The design characteristics of Scandi interior style and Japandi style are now more popular than ever, with many homeowners gravitating towards that blend of minimalism, artisan textures, earthy tones and natural materials.

A major part of this interior style involves using a palette of stylish and subtle neutral colours. This year, we’ve seen more of a preference towards warmer neutrals with a tinge of colour, now known as the ‘new neutrals’ interior trend.

Want to learn more? Read more about 2021’s rising colour trend: ‘new neutrals’ and learn how to style the new neutrals colours in your home below.

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How to style new neutral paint colours in your home 

Opt for warm and comforting colours

Create a space that you can escape from the outside world in. New neutrals are all about warmth, harmony, comfort and bringing a tiny bit of colour into your home while still maintaining that timeless and versatile neutral look. The colours in this trend are very similar to typical Japandi and Scandi colours (like the colours in our warm neutral paint colours sample box), but with added light pinks and soothing greens such as grey Pink 01 and Green 01. Want to know why green is such a great colour for bedrooms and which colours to go for? Check out everything you need to know about green paint colours.

Incorporate natural woods 

Bring new neutrals colours in, not just through paint, but through your choice of materials. For instance, light woods are a great way to introduce this trend into your home. Think Japandi and the warmth of the natural materials championed in this style, such as light oak and exposed wood grains. For this look, steer clear of darker stains and woods that tend to result in a more traditional looking style. 

Want to invoke the essence of natural wood through your choice of paint? Opt for an earthy beige paint colours like Beige 01. Find out everything you need to know about grey and yellow-based beige paint.

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Incorporate textured stone 

Other materials that can help you bring new neutrals into your space are textured stones and marble surfaces. Whether it’s through a coffee table with a marble table top, granite kitchen countertops or a textured splash-back in your bathroom, the colours in these materials will add visual interest to your space while helping you maintain that neutral palette. 

Create the look of stone on your walls with greige paint - a warm blend of beige and grey. Learn more in our post about all things greige and explore our range of greige wall and furniture paint.