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How to wallpaper corners

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WordsMaha Elley


Tools you'll need

Gather these wallpaper tools before you get started:

  • Smaller wallpaper brush for nooks and crannies 
  • Wallpaper paste/ adhesive
  • Wallpaper (well, that would help) 
  • Measuring tool 
  • Sharp scissors
  • Soft, clean cloth for smoothing 

Best way to approach wallpapering corners 

First thing's first; are you papering inside corners, or outside corners?

Papering inside corners? Here’s what you need to know: 
  • Measure the length of wallpaper that you’ll need and add an extra couple of centimetres in width before cutting. 
  • Use your brush to get the wallpaper paste into corners. 
  • Proceed to hang wallpaper with care from top to bottom, making sure to align the pattern to the previous strip. 
  • Gently press the wallpaper strip into the corner using a small brush. 
  • Carefully press the overlap onto the next wall so it forms a new overlap for the next strip. 
  • Smooth your strip from the centre using a soft, clean cloth.
When hanging wallpaper on outside corners, follow this process: 
  • Measure the length and allow for an extra couple of inches (for the overlap) before cutting. 
  • Apply paste using your handy little brush. 
  • Hang the wallpaper using the same process as above, taking care to meet the edges of the last strip you’ve applied. 
  • Wrap the piece around the outside corner.
  • Create a smooth edge by adding your next strip to the other side of the wall.

Things to remember

Keep smoothing as you go for the best finish. Always smooth out from the centre of the strip to avoid air bubbles.

Smooth wallpaper surfaces gently. Don’t put too much pressure on it or the paste may squeeze out from the corners.

Deal with any residue paste before it dries by cleaning it up with a natural sponge as you work.  

Try not to rush the process. Hanging wallpapers in corners should take a little time for a newbie. Work slowly to avoid making mistakes. 


Now you know how to put up wallpaper! Master these steps and you’re one step closer to becoming a professional paperhanger. 

(Yes, that’s a thing.)

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Measuring tools
Precision is key when wallpapering corners

As you learn more about how to hang wallpaper yourself, you’ll quickly realise that the hardest bit (by far) is getting the corners to look perfect. Sadly, you can’t just push the paper into the corner and expect it to look great. Still, you can learn the techniques and approaches that professionals use for a seamless finish. It’ll be a little tricky at first - but with the right know-how, you’re up for the challenge.

Read on for our top tips on how to wallpaper corners like a pro.