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Into the wild with Wild Escapes

WordsMegan Lambert


Last year, we took a trip into the woods with Wild Escapes. Four individually decorated, sustainably built treehouses, hidden amongst untouched woodland. The treehouses are located on Fullerton Farm, known for the award-winning organic Black Chalk Hills wine (you'll find a bottle—on the house—in your fridge). With no Wi-Fi and no TVs, it's a place to get off your emails and get into nature. Sounds heavenly? It was. That's why we caught up with Founder Will Hardy to discuss all things sustainable architecture, design style, and the best local pubs.

Will is Hampshire born and bred. He knows every field, lane, and by-way like the back of his hand, so when he got chatting to the owner of Fullerton Farm, the idea of diversifying this unused spot and sharing it with a lucky few seemed like a perfect fit.

The vision was to create four individually designed treehouses, surrounded by coppice woodland, overlooking a working vineyard. On a summer’s eve, as the last of the light hits the valley, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were overlooking centuries-old Umbrian vines. It’s the surrounding wildflower fields—bubbling over with hollyhocks, daisies, cornflowers and poppies—that give its true Hampshire location away. “We wanted to create something entirely different,” says Will. “Though each one has the same floor plan, inside no two are the same. You could stay in all four and have a totally unique experience”.

“We wanted to create something entirely different. You could stay in all four [treehouses] and have a totally unique experience.”


It's a clear example of the power of interiors. Poppy is quintessentially rustic farmhouse, clad in reclaimed wood sourced from an old school, with panelled window pains and flaking paint floorboards.