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Introducing: Lick exterior & masonry paint

WordsMaha Elley


We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve just launched a brand new range of (drumroll) exterior & masonry paint! After months (and months) of research into what it takes to make a truly outstanding exterior paint, we’re proud to introduce you to Lick exterior & masonry paint, a multi-surface paint designed to withstand the outdoor elements. 

If you’re looking to transform the outside of your home, our exterior paint range works well on everything, from house exteriors and outdoor furniture to fences to front doors. Read on for the full lowdown on our exterior paint.

First, what is exterior paint? 

One of the first questions you may have is, how does exterior paint differ from interior paint? We found there were two main reasons why you need a different formulation for paint anything exposed to the outdoors:

  • Exterior paint needs to be more durable. Although good interior paint should be highly durable, exterior paint needs even more durability. As it’s exposed to the elements, exterior paint which isn’t durable enough will fade and flake more easily. 
  • Exterior paint should be weather-resistant. Your outdoor surfaces are exposed to both rain and shine, and high-quality exterior paint should be able to withstand either and come out looking good on the other side.

What is Lick’s exterior paint? 

It’s here! We invite you to take a closer look at our own range:


Lick exterior paint is designed to work on a range of outside surfaces. Our exterior paints have all the pigment-rich vibrancy of our indoor paints, coupled with the added durability and gloss retention required for weathering the great outdoors. 


Coverage-wise, our exterior paint offers a coverage of 13-15m² per litre. For a long-lasting finish, we’d recommend applying at least two coats. If you’re using a darker or brighter colour that’s more prone to fading, or if you're painting a surface that is south-facing or gets a lot of sunlight, you may even want to apply three. 


The lifespan of our exterior paint is up to 10 years. It’s worth noting that south-facing areas that get direct sunlight and darker or brighter colour may fade more quickly.


Wondering how long it will take you to get your exterior paint job done? We’ve developed our exterior paint to dry in as little as two hours. For best results, paint above 10 degrees, apply a second coat after four hours and allow to dry overnight (ideally 16 hours) before potential exposure to frost or rain.


To get the most out of your Lick exterior paint, the prep step is very important. When working with wood, plastic and uPVC surfaces, simply give it a light sand before paint application. More porous surfaces such as wood, brickwork and masonry will need a thin down coat before painting. For some woods and metals, you may need to use a stain block or metal primer before painting.

When should you use exterior paint? 

Our versatile exterior paint is suitable for use as exterior house paint, exterior wood paint or masonry paint, as well as on brickwork, MDF, metals, plastics, uPVC (our interior paint works as UPVC door paint too) and ceramic tiles. It's not suitable for decking or other flat/floor surfaces, because pooling rain or water can cause the paint to break down.

Learn more about which surfaces you can use Lick exterior paint for:

Exterior paint for masonry and brickwork 

We now have a wide range of exterior paint colours here at Lick, including pink masonry paint, white masonry paint, brick red masonry paint, terracotta masonry paint and more. Find out more about how to paint your house exterior walls here and explore the best masonry and exterior paint colours.

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Fence painted in Yellow 02 Exterior paint


Shed painted in Green 02 Exterior paint