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From runways to renovations: inside Jim Chapman’s family home

Tash and Jim Chapman sitting on a red sofa in Jim Chapman's living room painted in Lick Teal 03

WordsMegan Lambert


Model, writer, YouTube sensation, and authority on all things style, we were only too happy to help transform Jim Chapman’s new house into a home. ‘GQs Best Dressed’ and one of fashion’s most influential faces, he gives Tash the behind the scenes tour of what has become the family home for him, his fiance Sarah, and baby Margot.

Decorated in rich blues, teals, and greens—with just a splash of Pink 01 for good measure—Jim’s home is a cosy and elegant family haven. Moving in just nine months ago, the house already feels loved and lived in. And that was kind of the point. From flat to cosy family home, the main reason behind the move was baby Margot. They needed more space and a renovation project gave them more for their money—and allowed them to really put their mark on it.

Jim’s living room decorated in Teal 03 paint

“I love green,” Jim proudly announces. “[Sarah] doesn’t,” he caveats. But they’ve managed to find a happy medium with this gorgeously rich Teal 03 in the living room. It’s got a lot of blue in it, so it contrasts perfectly with their peachy sofa. The effect is a cosy yet colourful living room, with lots of artwork on the walls and some great open shelving to display their photos and pieces collected over the years.

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Jim Chapman's living room with a gallery wall and walls painted in Lick Teal 03 paint shade

Jim’s hallway decorated in Blue 07 paint

According to Tash, “when it comes to maintaining a sense of flow, the colour of your hallway is so important—it sets the tone for the whole house. Using darker hues will spark excitement on arrival and make every room leading off it feel bigger and lighter”. So, dark and dramatic it is with Blue 07 on the staircase (not to mention some very clever understairs storage) in an eggshell paint for a really durable finish.