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Lick is officially carbon neutral

WordsMegan Lambert


We are excited to share that Lick has been certified as a carbon neutral company by ClimatePartner. Whilst this is a milestone moment for us, being certified Climate Neutral is just the start of our story. We believe it is our responsibility to continue to work towards goals set by the Paris Agreement on climate change, and have committed our Science Based Targets to our Net Zero goal. We know that being able to make environmentally conscious choices is important to our community of decorators and a fundamental part of taking care of our planet. 

What does being carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral has become a bit of a buzzword. So what does it actually mean? According to ClimatePartner, our carbon neutral accreditor, “Carbon neutrality means that a company's carbon footprint, product or service has been calculated based on internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects”. 

What is a carbon neutral company?

To be carbon neutral, a business's operation must remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as it is producing. Our commitment to being carbon neutral is lifelong, which is why we're setting our sights on finding new and improved business practices to help us reduce our CO2* emissions. 

*In the context of carbon neutrality, ‘CO2’ refers to all emissions, whether they be CO2 equivalents or greenhouse gases. 

How have we achieved our carbon neutral certification?

From our warehouses to our office, we gathered the data to calculate the amount of C02 produced in every area of our business. This information was independently verified by ClimatePartner. We aren’t claiming to be perfect,  when it comes to manufacturing, there are some unavoidable emissions. However, we've achieved carbon neutral certification by offsetting these emissions through our support of carbon offset projects like this fossil-fuel phase-out in Soacha, Colombia and the clean cookstoves project in the Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda.

Fossil-fuel phase-out in Soacha, Columbia.
Clean cookstoves project in the Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda.

Why is carbon neutrality important to us?

Whilst carbon offsetting is voluntary, it is integral to our mission to create a people-powered decorating movement that leaves our homes and our planet in a better condition than we found them. That’s why we’re determined to take responsibility for our products and any emissions our manufacturing process may produce.

What’s next?

Carbon neutrality is just the beginning and we know we’ve still got a really long way to go. The next step is to establish avoidance and reduction targets. Having measured our C02 emissions, we can begin to outline SBTs (Science Based Targets) with the ultimate aim of becoming net zero by adapting our business operations. From working with suppliers to switch to clean fuel, reduce our packaging, water, and waste to optimising transportation and last-mile delivery. This takes much longer to achieve but trust us, we’re not done yet. Our aim is to reduce our C02 emissions by 10-15% per year.

Until then, we remain committed to putting the 'eco' back into decorating, and becoming a certified carbon neutral company is the first step. From the fossil-fuel phase-out in Soacha, Columbia, to clean cookstoves in the Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda, find out more about the projects we will be supporting.

To find out more about our environmental commitments, take a look at our ongoing partnerships over on our sustainability hub.