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Our 2023 colour palette of the year

Lick's 2023 paint colour palette of the year

WordsMegan Lambert


We believe that colour psychology is fundamental to finding the right colours for your home and understanding the powerful influence colour has on us, both mentally and physically. If we’ve learnt anything about what our decorators are considering when designing their interiors, it’s that they want them to make them feel a certain way. As we become more mindful about the way we interact with nature, we predict people will be making more conscious, sustainable decisions about how they design their homes. 

What paint colour will be popular in 2023? 

We don’t predict one single paint colour gaining popularity next year, but instead a shift towards nature-inspired colours that capture the comforting natural hues of landscapes and seascapes from around the world. These colours will encourage you to slow down and be more mindful of your environment, to look out the window and take a moment to re-connect with the natural world surrounding you. After all, nature is a source of healing, energy and stability. And so are the colours in our 2023 palette.

Our 2023 colour palette of the year

From grounding neutrals and energising oranges to natural greens and mentally-stimulating teals, our 2023 colour palette of the year is all about reconnecting with the Earth, with others, and with ourselves. Finding time to slow down and engage with the world around us. We call them ‘slow colours’. Simultaneously strong yet subtle, this palette is a curation of hues that will stand the test of time.

Lick's colour palette of the year predictions for 2023
Our Colour Palette of the Year 2023

The power of this palette lies in each colour having a unique identity and ability to not only make you feel something and but also behave differently. Their warming yellow and pink undertones will calm and recharge you, whilst their heavy black pigment gives them a grounding, timeless feel. Easy on the eye, inviting yet versatile, our 2023 colour palette has something for everyone.

The earthy and grounding neutrals

Not your average white, White 06’s chalky, pink undertones mean it works alongside any of the colours in our 2023 palette of the year yet has enough character and depth as a stand-alone colour. Those warming pink undertones make it physically soothing, so it’s an excellent contemporary neutral choice if you want to create a space that feels calming and peaceful. That ability to help you unwind is why dreamy White 06 is part of our calming colour palette. But it doesn’t stop at your colour palette. If you want to bring a little calm into your home, take a look at these 10 self-care tips to try at home.