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A Lick Studio whole house renovation transformation

Open plan living room kitchen painted in Lick Pink 02 walls

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Katie and Byron are a young London couple who reached out to us towards the end of their house renovation journey. With a goal to build their dream family home in the countryside, they embarked on their very own Grand Designs renovation project, converting a humble barn-style bungalow in Somerset into a spacious family home suitable for their two children and their new rural lifestyle.

Why did they come to Lick Studio for help?

This was Katie and Byron’s first whole-house renovation project, and by the time it came to finding a colour scheme, they felt totally overwhelmed by choice. Big projects, like renovations, can be incredibly draining, and they had lost their energy due to the process of the build and all the decisions they had to make. They came to us when they had reached a point of decision fatigue;

“The pressure of getting the colours right was causing us anxiety. We had worked so hard on building this house and we really wanted to get the colour scheme right, but we just didn’t know where to start. We knew the feeling we wanted to create in our home, but we didn’t know the colours which would serve this. That’s why when we found Lick’s colour consultancy service, it felt like it was a no brainer”, explains Katie.

The pressure of getting the colours right was causing us anxiety...We knew the feeling we wanted to create in our home, but we didn’t know the colours which would serve this.


One of their main concerns was that their property would feel too new and lack personality. Being a bungalow extension, it ran the risk of feeling like a new build and losing its original country charm. We were tasked with alleviating Katie and Byron’s colour anxiety and helping the couple find a colour scheme that flowed harmoniously throughout their house, connecting the extension to the original property.

What decisions went into our colour recommendations?

Katie and Byron expressed a desire for the interior of their new home to embrace and reflect its gorgeous natural surroundings. They wanted each room to flow seamlessly into one another and for the colour scheme to feel warm and natural. We recommended light pinks and greens, which ended up being Katie and Byron’s ‘red thread colours’ that informed the colour scheme throughout the house, and were used to link all the rooms together.

The property boasts a beautiful open-plan kitchen-living room, which forms the nucleus of the home and a central family gathering area. They wanted the open-plan space to feel very warm and welcoming, and for the two areas to connect seamlessly. With this in mind, our Colour Consultants recommend the soft and warming Pink 02 to connect the kitchen to the living room.

Kitchen painted in Lick Pink 02 walls

Not only is Pink 02 an incredibly warming neutral that works wonderfully in large open spaces, but it is also the perfect complementary colour to their dark hunter-green, shaker-style kitchen (just look at that stunning tongue and groove panelling). It also creates a tonal harmony with the pink framed wallpaper panels in their living room, which they wanted to be a focal point.