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A Lick Studio living room transformation

A Lick Teal 02 and Greige 02 painted living room

Wordsmatilda martin


Megan and her partner Nat reached out to us not long after they moved in together. It had been almost six years since her partner last painted his two-bed maisonette, and it needed a bit of a freshening up. Plus, they wanted to make it feel like theirs. The problem? They had very different decor styles. Whilst Megan likes a liberal dose of colour and clutter, her partner likes to keep things neutral and minimal. Sound like a challenge? Nothing that our Colour Consultants couldn’t handle. 

Why did they come to Lick Studio for help?

“Ours was a two-pronged problem”, Megan explains. “Firstly, my boyfriend and I couldn’t agree on a colour scheme and secondly, though I wouldn’t exactly call our house open-plan, the entrance hall flows into the living room, which flows to the kitchen, and onto the upstairs bedroom. There’s no natural break, so it made finding a colour to suit all those spaces feel a little tricky”. Our Colour Consultants were tasked with helping Megan and Nat agree on a colour scheme that not only flowed cohesively throughout their home, but also worked for their individual needs and preferences. Our goal was to make sure they had a home they were both proud of.

What decisions went into the colour recommendations?

There were a number of considerations that went into the colour recommendations for Megan and Nat’s home. One of the main considerations was understanding how they used their space, and how they wanted to feel in it.  Megan explained that, initially, she found the space a bit spartan, and that her and Nat wanted to create a cosy, calm, and relaxing room, with defined spaces; “the sort of place we’d feel happy to return home to at the end of the day”, Megan told us.

Originally, Megan wanted to paint the entire living room Green 02 (her favourite colour), whereas Nat was looking for something lighter and neutral. Of reaching a compromise, Megan explains; “the Colour Consultants helped us to compromise on both the colour palette and decor by encouraging us to focus on things that we both like; earthy neutrals, greens, rustic woods, metals, and of course, lots and lots of plants—and doubling down on those.”

Being on the first floor, the apartment gets a lot of natural light in the living room in the mornings, whilst the entrance hall is quite dark. We knew that they needed a versatile colour that would work in both settings. We recommended Greige 02 because it has a very grounding, earthy, and calming feel to it, without it being too dark.

Before picture of Megan's London flat pre being decorated in Lick paint
A Lick Teal 02 and Greige 02 painted living room

We recommended painting the alcove cabinets in Teal 02, in order to not only frame the open fireplace (which they wanted to be a focal feature of the room), but also give Megan that dose of colour she was looking for. As the walls were painted in Greige 02 and the woodwork in White 02, the space still had the overall neutral and restful feel Nat was looking for. Megan also managed to incorporate green into the living room with lots of plants and plenty of green cushions.

Living room painted in Lick Teal 02, Greige 02 and White 02 paint
Living room painted in Lick Teal 02, Greige 02 and White 02 paint

Megan explained to us that “in some of the other maisonettes on the road, there’s a small bedroom off the living room, which in [theirs] has been left open. [They] weren’t sure how to best maximise the open space that they used for as both a living room and a home office”. We recommended using their furniture to demarcate different zones within the room. For example, their L-shape sofa and a large rug now define the living area, whilst a desk and shelving create a separate study nook. This allows for multi-functional living, giving Megan and Nat zones to both work and relax in, without the zones encroaching on each other.