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Curves, waves, and squiggles: Lick's shopping guide to wiggly decor

WordsMegan Lambert


There’s a new wave of style going on over in the world of interiors, with one of this year’s biggest trends being wiggly decor. From wavy headboards to spiral candles, twisty ceramics to scalloped lampshades, stay ahead of the curve with these gorgeously eclectic pieces that will inject a bit of fun and softness into your home.

Klevering’s Wiggly Table 

Available at Liberty’s (one of our favourite shops for eclectic style decor), this squiggly coffee table by Amsterdam-born brand Klevering is the perfect centrepiece for an eclectic style living room. Made out of metal, it’s available in a range of vibrant shades, including this emerald green for that extra splash of colour.

Klevering Squiggle Table via Liberty

Bert & May x Samantha Todhunter’s Ric Rac Tiles

We’re big fans of Bert & May and their Ric Rac collection - designed in collaboration with Samantha Todhunter - is art for your walls. Adding some serious personality to a kitchen or bathroom near you, they exude a confident style with a playful edge.

Image credit: Bert & May

The Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass

You can’t really write about the wiggly decor trend without mentioning the Ultrafragola mirror. It’s hard to imagine the piece (that many credit as starting the wavy design movement) being a product of anything other than an Instagram-age trend. However, this wall art meets dressing room must-have began life in the 1970s. Designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1970, this curvy masterpiece was part of his Mobili Grigi series of bedroom and living room objects.

1st Dibs is one of the best places to head for an original, but if the price is enough to bring you to tears, we’ve got some more cost-effective options for you. Like wiggly decor favourite, Kleverling. Their Zigzag resin mirror is right on the wiggly trend as is Jonathan Adler’s Ripple Mirror, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the gems you can unearth if you simply search ‘wavy mirror’ on Etsy.