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Lick's picks of the must-have retro accessories for your home

Retro accessories

WordsMegan Lambert


We’ve introduced you to the retro decor style, not to mention what makes something retro and what makes it vintage. Retro decor is imitative of a style of fashion from the recent past, most commonly the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It doesn’t actually have to be old (unlike vintage decor) but it should be evocative of the past. In modern times, it can even be quite anachronistic. For example, a record player or corded telephone in a modern home. But, when it comes to retro decor, that’s half the fun.  So, if you’d like to get the retro decor look in your home, check out these retro accessories that will undeniably bring a blast from the past into your home.

Retro decor accessory: Smeg appliances

It might not be an obvious choice, but your kitchen is a great place to start for some retro decor style. The simple fact is that few things date as quickly as tech does. So by choosing retro-inspired brands for your appliances, you can get the look without having to compromise on the functionality. No, you don’t have to go out and buy a microwave from the seventies, brands like Smeg do everything from kettles to toasters and of course their iconic fridges in a rainbow of colours. 

Retro decor accessory: retro tech

Speaking of technology, retro-tech items are another surefire way to create some retro appeal in your home. From a Roberts radio to a record player (go for a Crosley for that retro look) to vintage style analog or digital clocks (think Back To The Future). There’s a reason why vinyl records and Casio wristwatches have made a comeback in the last decade. In our digitally saturated lives, there’s something very soothing and restorative about low-tech living.

Retro decor accessory: statement lighting

As with many decor styles, lighting is a key component to differentiating one from the other. Retro decor is no exception and your choice of retro lighting is the perfect way to make a style statement. From an on-trend Murano mushroom lamp to a full-blown retro lava lamp (studies have shown that these have deep relaxation benefits, no wonder they’re having something of a renaissance) to the metal table lamp from H&M.

Retro decor accessory: gold sunbeam mirror

Not to be prescriptive, but we’ve seen a lot of theses amongst our decorating community’s home renovations and we’re a big fan. Sun motifs were the height of fashion in the seventies, and they can be incorporated into every style from boho home decor, eclectic decor to maximalist style—to name a few. That said, any statement mirror with a retro edge will get the look. From the ultrafragola mirror that is everywhere at the moment to the more pared-back lines of a mid-century mirror in your hallway. Whatever you go for, opt for a statement mirror if you’re going for a retro decor look.