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How to be sustainable in the kitchen: 5 eco-friendly hacks

Sustainable kitchen hacks for an eco kitchen

WordsAmber Rolt


Sustainability is one of our top priorities. We are always looking for new ways to minimise our impact on the planet, as well as the latest eco-friendly home decor ideas. One of the best places in the home to incorporate some eco-friendly life hacks is in the kitchen.

Sustainable kitchen hack: ditch the plastic

Plastic alternatives are on the up and it’s easier than ever - and more stylish – to use them. Swapping plastic containers for mason jars is a great step to embracing your own eco kitchen as well as being a fun décor hack too. You can buy jars online or in homeware stores and you can get refills at zero-waste supermarkets which continue to rise in popularity. We all know that plastic straws are a top polluter that will most likely end up in the ocean. Luckily, alternatives now come in multiple materials from bamboo to metal. They’re not expensive either, making it an affordable eco switch.

Sustainable kitchen hack: minimise food waste

Minimising food waste isn’t just better for the planet – it’s better for you and your wallet too. When you fail to plan ahead, you can often end up throwing out food. This isn’t ideal. The vegetables at the back of your fridge will judge you for it. Create a meal plan that’s easy to stick to and cook enough for leftovers. Avoid the temptation of a mid-week delivery when you know you already have food. If you do have food that’s going to waste, then think of repurposing or compositing it to keep your kitchen eco-friendly.

Sustainable kitchen hack: use eco-friendly cleaning products

There can be all kinds of nasties and harsh chemicals in cleaning products. Not to mention the plastic you buy and throw away with each item too. Switch to eco kitchen products instead. Many of these you can buy in re-fills too to help keep your plastic consumption down and save money.

Sustainable kitchen hack: grow your own vegetables and herbs

We know we’re quite obsessed with biophilia at the moment, but plants in your kitchen that not only look good but you can eat too is the definition of sustainable living. Growing your own veggies and herbs is easy. If you don’t have outside space, don’t worry, a basil plant can thrive perfectly well on a windowsill.

Sustainable kitchen hack: recycle and upcycle

Invest in a separate recycling bin to encourage you to recycle any plastic or cardboard. You can also be sustainable in your decor choices. Got leftover paint? Don’t waste it – use it to upcycle some furniture. Bring some life back into some old kitchen chairs or even a table. This can be a great way to create a fun colour scheme if you’re decorating your kitchen. Don’t forget all of our paints are of course eco-friendly too.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it can be the focal point of your sustainability efforts too. If you are looking to find new ways in which you can refresh your approach to sustainability, then having a sustainable kitchen is a great place to start.