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Take a tour of The Apartment at The Flowerhouse Pub, an “unashamedly feminine” space for women

The Apartment at The Flowerhouse Pub decorated in Lick floral wallpapers

WordsMegan Lambert


From floral wallpapers to floral scents, the latest addition to London’s “best smelling pub ever” (as one patron described it) is The Apartment at The Flowerhouse Pub. Described as being “unashamedly feminine”, owner Jo Jackson has transformed this former pub landlord’s dwelling into a vibrant, creative space for women to meet, collaborate, wine, and dine. A place for photo shoots, press events, working lunches or meetings with investors —The Apartment is the proverbial ‘room where it happens’. That’s why we caught up with Jo to take a tour of her bold and colourful creation, and find out more about the design process behind it.

Speaking of her initial Colour Consultation with Tash Bradley - our Director of Interior Design - Jo gushes: “Tash was amazing. We started the process in the midst of lockdown, and even virtually she was so helpful with the colour palette and what matched”. In both the dining room and adjoining sitting room, Jo has gone for a bold and punchy colour scheme. Pairing Blue 111 with our colourful floral wallpaper Keepers Cottage 02 and Orange 02 woodwork, it makes an instant statement. “Both my husband and I love hosting (we recently organised a street party for around 100 people) so I love the idea of hosting dinners or events for women in this space. Initially, I was advised not to do Blue 111, but being a dining room, I just wanted a really strong, striking look. Tash said “go for it” and I’m so glad we did.” We love her creative use of wallpaper panelling on these built-in cupboards, whilst the pairing of natural shades and organic shapes in her furnishings keeps the look contemporary and just a brushstroke away from full-blown maximalist decor

I just wanted a really strong, striking look. Tash said “go for it” and I’m so glad we did.

Jo Jackson

The Apartment champions a super attainable style. “Something I really wanted to showcase was that you can get an amazing look without spending a fortune. Pretty much everything is from and Lick (and the plants are all Patch)”, Jo explains. Jo also proves that you can create a high-end look without having to invest in ‘break the bank’ artwork. “We found this amazing artist, Isabelle Hayman, who brought a bunch of her pieces in and we chose what worked with the decor. Then there are a few other pieces which are from which are a bit more neutral, but they work really well together.”