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The best masonry and exterior paint colours

WordsFrankie Marqueé


Spring’s approaching so let the following activities commence: outdoor dining, garden or balcony workouts, absolutely anything green-fingered, and general sprucing up of your great outdoors. Whether that's repainting your front door or giving your home exterior a fresh lick of paint, we’ve got you covered.Coming right up is all you need to know about how to pick the best exterior paint colour for your home out of our brand-new palette of 13 masonry and exterior paint colours. Overalls on and brushes at the ready if you please!

Things to consider when choosing the best masonry & exterior paint colours

What’s the plan? Are you thinking of going big and painting the entire exterior of your home? Or does your home simply need a bit of TLC (and if you’re wondering what this masonry malarky’s all about, read up on what different paint jargon mean and types of paint and when to use them).

Before you jump in and run towards the colour you love the most, it’s worth mulling over your whole exterior colour palette. What colour is your roof? Are your windows already painted, and if so, do you want your front door to match or contrast? Is your home listed and needs to follow certain restrictions? And how can you create a sense of flow from indoors-out through your colour choices?

Our Lead Colour Specialist Tash says: “When painting exterior garden walls, consider them as an extension of the rooms you are in. Does the colour palette in your garden work with the one in your kitchen that looks onto the garden?”

Grey masonry & exterior paint

Just like indoors, grey masonry paint is soft, elegant and will help your home blend into its surroundings whether you live in a city (aka, a grey concrete jungle) or a pretty pastel landscape in the country.

Our grey exterior palette: light Grey 01 masonry house paint, Grey 03.

Exterior brick wall painted in Grey 03 Exterior paint


White masonry & exterior paint

Just like pale grey, white masonry paint is safe ground that won’t cause a stir. That is, unless you happen to live on a street where everyone’s gone for dark-painted houses and you’ve decided to be the white sheep of the flock – then white will really stand out. Certain colours can make your home appear bigger or smaller, and white-painted houses will give the illusion of more height and space.

Our white exterior palette: White 01 and White 04