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Upcycle bathroom cabinets with leftover paint

Lick paint tin Pink 03

WordsNina Bragg


Image courtesy of @_mrsb_bythesea

Sarah (@the_joys_at_no44) is 36 years old and lives with her husband, their two-year-old daughter and their two cats. She works as an office manager for a local architect company in Belfast, where they now live. Originally from South Wales, followed by 10 years living in England, they have now chosen to settle in their newly-renovated Edwardian terrace, which spans across three floors.  


Having only officially moved in during August 2020, they are slowly adding their stamp to the house, but we are thrilled to dedicate this article to one of Sarah’s first little renovation projects – the bathroom sink cabinet.

Before the makeover

Sarah described the space as clean and functional, but pretty dull. Everything was either white or silver and lacked serious excitement…


“We decided to upcycle the white bathroom sink cabinet, to inject some colour to the overall room. We eventually want to change/ reconfigure the whole bathroom, but have prioritised other areas of the house first. We were simply looking for a quick & easy makeover project, on a seriously low budget!”.

Planning & inspiration

Instagram is Sarah’s favourite ‘go-to’ platform when looking for ideas and inspiration for her own home. She loves browsing all the other home accounts, and seeking advice and suggestions from such a huge and friendly online community.


Additionally, an admirer of 80s interior décor and colours, she liked the idea of teaming black handles with a pretty pastel colour. Having recently used our muted bubble-gum shade, Pink 03, to paint her front door – she knew there would be plenty leftover paint to tackle a second project.


As our eggshell finish is perfect for painting in a bathroom too, this thrifty opportunity lent itself perfectly…

How to upcycle using leftover paint

 Sarah has kindly broken down the up-cycle process for our lovely readers below:

  1. Firstly, I checked with the Lick Team online that this paint could be used for this project. Their customer service was amazing and we found it really helpful. As we had chosen the new eggshell finish, it’s mid-sheen and wipeable paint abilities were perfect for the bathroom.
  2. Assured that I had the right paint, I gathered all tools needed; leftover paint, roller and paint tray, small brush, masking tape, screwdriver, and some old sheets. Learn how to use masking tape when decorating.
  3. After a thorough clean, I lay the sheets on the floor and removed the door fronts and drawers using a screwdriver. I then removed the original handles and added masking tape around the cabinet.
  4. As the paint is also self-priming, I didn’t prepare the cabinet first. To be honest, if this was a long-term solution for our bathroom, I possibly would have primed as a precaution anyway, although the finish is great without and we haven’t had any issues so far.
  5. I got straight onto painting the first coat, left it to dry while I busied myself elsewhere for half an hour; then returned to it later that day for the second coat.
  6. Once it had completely dried, I removed the masking tape, added the new handles to the drawer/ door fronts then screwed them back onto the cabinet.