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Why neon signs are a must in your home

WordsMegan Lambert


Image via Unsplash

If you're looking for some neon sign interior inspo (or just to kill some time), there's no better place than Pinterest. It's an endless source of inspiration, whilst curio-mecca God's Own Junkyard pays homage to all things neon. 

If you’re thinking about jumping on this design trend, then you’re in good company. Tracey Emin created a collection of neon signs, which have been featured across the globe, from King's Cross St Pancras to Kendall Jenner's living room. 

Whilst an original Emin might be a little out of your price range, we're here to share some of our favourite ways to shine a little neon light into your home. Disclaimer: they don't have to cost a fortune.

Why neon signs are the perfect accessory for your room

When it comes to home decor, sometimes we just need a bit of fun and frivolity. If this is what your interiors are missing, then neon lights might be the answer. They don't have to be garish. Neon signs can be the crowning glory in a maximalist living room or the perfect colour accent in a dining room. We're here to make a case for these retro reprises. 



Neon signs provide the perfect mood lighting

Neon signs can be a bit of fun in the bedroom too. We love how @hoxton_house1 has contrasted her headboard, painted in Red 03 with a pink neon sign. Not to mention polka dot walls and an enormous pampas grass feature. For all-out maximalism go for @maisieviolet_rees’s more is more approach. Tying in stripes, leopard print, upcycled furniture, and an enormous sculpture, you barely notice the pink neon sign amongst all the excitement—but it creates a really fun and cohesive look. Then again, neon signs don’t have to just be for adult’s bedrooms. What about using them as a fun night light in a children’s bedroom?



Neon signs add drama to any entertaining space

See life through @themarklandhome’s rose-tinted glasses. Would you get a load of their games room, painted in Pink 04 and White 01? Using a pink monochromatic colour scheme, the bright personalised neon sign ties the room together and keeps it fun. On the more boho home decor style, @bealach_uige_bothy  has gone for contrasting colours with Red 03 and black paint woodwork, with a clashing pink neon sign for edgy dining room cool.