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Why you should buy Lick matt paint

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WordsMaha Elley


Choosing the right type of paint for your interior decor project can involve a fair few choices along the way. This includes the type of paint finish you choose and how well it can work across multiple surfaces.

At Lick, we’re huge fans of how well matt paint works for different surfaces. It’s highly versatile and offers a flawless finish on everything from fireplace surrounds to front doors.

Not quite sure whether matt paint is the right choice for you? Learn why you should buy Lick’s durable matt paint and the many, many surfaces you can use it on.

What is matt paint?  

First, you may be wondering what matt paint even is and the difference between the two most popular types of paint finishes: matt and eggshell. Here’s the lowdown: 

Matt: Known for its durability and smooth texture, matt paint dries to a paper-like finish without any hint of gloss or shine. This means that it doesn’t reflect any light, making it the perfect choice to cover up imperfections. 

Eggshell: Eggshell paint offers a finish that is, quite literally, similar to the surface of an eggshell. Not as shiny as satin or gloss, and not as matt as matt paint, eggshell is somewhere in the middle. If you’re after a finish with a soft sheen that you can emphasise or tone down with lighting, eggshell offers the lowest lustre option before matt paint. Read more about our eggshell paint range here.

When should you use Lick matt paint?

Thanks to its durability and coverage, matt paint has been one of the most popular paint finishes for decades and you’ll often find that it’s the paint of choice in homes with traditional or classic decor.

As matt paints absorb light and offer a smooth finish, they’re the ideal choice for walls and surfaces with any imperfections. The light-absorbing qualities of matt paint help to reduce how visible the imperfections are.

Lick matt paint for kitchens

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