About us

Decorating needs a makeover

We believe it should be easy to transform the spaces you call home. No more waiting around, no more “one day”, no more making do. Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your walls.

Let decorating come to you.

Meeting your match

To take the headache out of finding The One, we reviewed countless options to create a carefully considered (and totally manageable) collection of 68 paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs. All with the help of our top interior designers and colour consultants.

So with our peel-and-stick samples (say goodbye to tiny colour cards and messy expensive sample pots), the opportunity to speak with our colour consultant, combined with tons of inspiration from fellow home doer-uppers, you’ll never traipse to and from the DIY aisle or lose yourself in Pinterest again.

Making it happen

It was a labour of love to find the perfect collaborators. But we did it, never settling for anything other than paint, wallpaper and supplies that are the best of the best for your space and our planet. 

How so you ask? Our paint is easy-on and applies evenly with a super-durable finish that resists dirt, grime and everyday scrapes. Plus, it’s water-based, low odour and is Low VOC. Our range of finest grade wallpaper is designed by a collection of leading artists and with paste-to-wall application, it is as easy-to-hang as it is to clean. We also offer decorating kits that are environmentally responsible and developed to the highest quality to give a professional finish without the effort.

Decorating together

We’ll pass on as many tips and tricks as we can, but we also know that we learn by doing and that we probably won’t always have all the answers. So we’re involving you – our customers – in building a community of decorators (from the first-timers to the old-hands) to share practical insight and stories of decorating adventures. 

We think we can give each other the best advice, making it easier and more enjoyable than ever before to have the colours you’ve dreamed of and the home you’ve always wanted.