Lick paint tins on top of soil and green plants


Giving back as we grow

  • 18 grams of plastic floating in sea icon

    4,431kg plastic removed from the ocean

    equivalent to 553,815 plastic bottles

  • Sustainably sourced wallpaper and trees icon

    9,110 trees planted

    equivalent to 129 football pitches

  • Water-based tap icon

    9.8 million litres of water donated

    equivalent to 39.2 million cups of tea

Lick green paint tin with a B-Corp logo

Proud to be B Corp™ certified

It’s all about doing business in a way that will benefit people and planet. This means we embed the B Corp values in everything we do:

  • Being our customer’s partner in decorating

  • Making better decisions for the planet

  • Contributing to communities

  • Looking after our employees

  • Considering our stakeholders

Arms holding a Lick Blue 04 tin and pouring water into water

Painting our way to a greener future

All of our paint is water-based and low VOC (recognised on the VOC global scheme), which means fewer harmful chemicals, better air quality and a healthier home.

  • 448 litres of clean water donated per tin sold

  • Made to order batches to reduce waste

  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound)

  • Water-based formula

  • Made in the UK

Lick Green 07 paint tin next to botanical wallpaper
Plant a tree with each wallpaper purchase

The writing's on the wall(paper)

All our wallpaper partners use paper sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Creating small batches to avoid wastage, we even use excess cut-offs in the packing process, so nothing goes to waste. We make sure that our designs hang around on your walls and not the planet.

  • Use of excess cut-offs in the packaging process 

  • One tree planted per roll of wallpaper sold

  • Made-to-order batches reduce waste

  • Sustainably sourced and felled