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Pink 05

My little girl really wanted a fun room with a pink colour block.

Beige 03

Quality paint, easy to use and gorgeous colours! The sample squares are also great because you can move them about to see how the paint will look in different lights. Would highly recommend

Beige 03

Great coverage, great colour selection and I love the samples!

Pink 03living-room

The quality of this paint is really great. I’ve had many different brands of paint the last years, but the Lick paint has been one of the best


Village Cricket 02

I absolutely adore my daughter’s room covered in Village Cricket. It bright such a pretty vintage feel to her bedroom and she adores it. I chose to cover all walls in the paper, so the room is incredibly cosy and comforting.

Yellow 01hallway

Fell in love with this colour and thought it would add a bit of happiness into our home.


Red 03bedroom

Beautiful colour, went on really easily. Took he’s to find the perfect colour but this is exactly what I wanted


Green 01bedroom

We’re so pleased we chose Lick paint for our bedroom panelling. It was so easy to use and we’ve had so many compliments on the colour, Green 01, it’s a lovely restful colour for our bedroom.


Beige 02bedroom

Absolutely love your products. We have used two of your neutral shades and love both. The paint has good coverage and is not too thin or too thick. Great quality that we have and would definitely recommend


Greige 02bedroom

Such great paint to use - easy to apply and amazing coverage - will be using more for other rooms in the house


Green 01bedroom

Beautiful quality paint. Goes on easily, covers well, really lovely to use.


Red 03hallway

Fabulous paint, great coverage and colour!


White 01bedroom

From ordering sample sheets to picking the colour, the quality Lick provides is top tier, I look forward to using their paint for our next room!


White 04living-room

A really great coverage and the perfect off white shade I have been looking for


Pink 05bathroom

Smashed it again….the best paint we have EVER used!


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