Lick reviews & transformations

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Green 18Bedroom

Using Lick paint was amazing! The Green18 paint was super pigmented, and went on the wall effortlessly. I was amazed that I didn't need multiple coats! The brushes supplied to me were very well made, and made the paint application very easy. Thank you so much!

Canopy 01Bathroom

Great quality and really easy to hang. We love it!

Green 19Hallway

I used Green 19. Loved the packaging. Really nice coverage and love the colour! Would definitely recommend.

Pink 05kids-bedroom-nursery

My little girl really wanted a fun room with a pink colour block.


Monkey 03Hallway

Amazing prints and excellent quality paints

Beige 03

Quality paint, easy to use and gorgeous colours! The sample squares are also great because you can move them about to see how the paint will look in different lights. Would highly recommend

Beige 03

Great coverage, great colour selection and I love the samples!

Pink 03living-room

The quality of this paint is really great. I’ve had many different brands of paint the last years, but the Lick paint has been one of the best


Village Cricket 02

I absolutely adore my daughter’s room covered in Village Cricket. It bright such a pretty vintage feel to her bedroom and she adores it. I chose to cover all walls in the paper, so the room is incredibly cosy and comforting.

Yellow 01hallway

Fell in love with this colour and thought it would add a bit of happiness into our home.


Red 03

Beautiful colour, went on really easily. Took he’s to find the perfect colour but this is exactly what I wanted

Green 01

We’re so pleased we chose Lick paint for our bedroom panelling. It was so easy to use and we’ve had so many compliments on the colour, Green 01, it’s a lovely restful colour for our bedroom.

Beige 02bedroom

Absolutely love your products. We have used two of your neutral shades and love both. The paint has good coverage and is not too thin or too thick. Great quality that we have and would definitely recommend


Greige 02bedroom

Such great paint to use - easy to apply and amazing coverage - will be using more for other rooms in the house


Green 01

Beautiful quality paint. Goes on easily, covers well, really lovely to use.

Red 03hallway

Fabulous paint, great coverage and colour!


White 01

From ordering sample sheets to picking the colour, the quality Lick provides is top tier, I look forward to using their paint for our next room!

White 04

A really great coverage and the perfect off white shade I have been looking for

Pink 05bathroom

Smashed it again….the best paint we have EVER used!


Pink 05bedroom

An absolute dream. Colour swatches were accurate and the paint itself went on so smooth. I didn’t use half as much as I thought I’d need - two coats and it’s perfect


Village Cricket 01

Fantastic quality wallpaper, went on easily. Would recommend to others

Greige 02

The only brand of paint I’ll ever use again, this room has been transformed into a soothing oasis for us - we love Greige 02!

Pink 02bathroom

Always great coverage. Pink 02 is my new fave colour!


White 02bedroom

Yes would recommend! Always loved Lick and their colours! Hoping to paint my easel with a fun Lick colour next!


Green 02

Loved using Lick from the samples to cutting it - amazing product!

Green 06

The paint was so lovely to work with and the final finish is exquisite

Green 02

It was a great product to use. The only issue we had was the lid sealing due to some residue paint, but with a hot kettle it loosened up. We have loads left which is fab for other projects or touch ups!

Black 01living-room

Great coverage, tins look great but not the most practical in reality


Grey 07

We loved Lick paint. It's easy to work with, provides AMAZING coverage, and consistant and lovely colour range.

Grey 07

We loved Lick paint. It's easy to work with, provides AMAZING coverage, and consistent and lovely colour range.

Taupe 01bedroom

This is the first time we've used Lick and we’ve recommended it to friends and family. We are currently planning our renovation. We ordered around 15 Lick samples after this experience! I would even think about using the new range of wallpaper!


Greige 02

We love the colour palette Lick have, it’s so easy to redecorate and end up with an amazingly stylish room. We love the quality and finish of the paint also, so easy to work with.

Green 04living-room

Fab paint, easy going on and great colour


Yellow 02

Perfect Matt coverage, top quality paint.

Pink 02

Love Lick paint!

Red 03

I think the colours are fab for sure. I don’t like the tin, it’s difficult to pour from and the paint is difficult to apply with a brush…but the end result is lovely!

Green 06

Beautiful green shade! So easy to apply and great coverage.

Pink 05living-room

Loved using Lick, went on smooth and would definitely use again.


Green 01

First time using Lick and absolutely loved it! Only needed one coat of paint to achieve this result in our kids' new playroom. Gorgeous colour and very impressed with the eco-packaging of brushes and trays.

Grey 03kids-bedroom-nursery

We love using Lick paint, it’s great quality and has a lovely finish. I would definitely recommend Lick paint!


Beige 02bedroom

I love using Lick paint- goes on so nicely with good coverage, no strong smell & even the tin is beautiful!


Green 03bedroom

Loved Lick paint the depth of colour is great and I love the Matt finish. I used it in my bedroom and Lick 04 in the sitting room (although that’s not completely finished yet)


Green 02

I’ve used Lick paint several times now and I’m always really impressed with the coverage. There’s a great range of colours and I find the peel and stick samples a really easy way to try the colours out in different places and under different light.

Greige 01commercial space

Love the colour! The perfect shade for our showroom


Grey 03kitchen

Lick never disappoint and once again I found the perfect shade to complete the renovation of this interior and transform a basement into a playful living room.


Green 04

We used a professional decorator for our project, the paint colour is beautifully rich in pigment. Had so many compliments on the colour.

Green 07kids-bedroom-nursery

Best paint I've ever used, went on like a dream, would highly recommend, and colours were 100% true to the samples


Beige 03hallway

Loved the selection of colours and quality of the paint.


Greige 02living-room

4th time using lick paint in my home and it’s the only paint I love to use. So pigmented. This consistently and exactly the same as the swatches.


Grey 07

This paint glides on your walls like a dream, and I loved the stick on samples, I found them a really helpful tool to explore contrasts in other colours and lighting around my living room to ensure I was picking the perfect colour.

Green 07

Yes, great consistency and coverage.

Beige 04bedroom

Absolutely, fantastic paint!


Green 06

Amazing deep dark colour that looks perfect in my newly refurbished home office!

Black 01living-room

Such an amazing coverage and beautiful finish. Love the tuna and stirrers you get with them too!


White 05living-room

Aside from the fact the tin is really fun, the colour is exactly what I was looking for & was so smooth & easy to use. It’s exactly what I was looking for & the sample stickers really helped decide as I was able to stick


Greige 01

My first ever time painting a wall - super easy to use and dried like a dream!

White 01kids-bedroom-nursery

Beautiful paint to work with, the tin goes such a long way. I loved how easy the samples were, which made finding the perfect colour so much easier.


Grey 07

Absolutely loved this, it was like using liquid gold! The coverage was fantastic and required less coats compared to other paints. The quality of the paint and the colour was far beyond my expectations, I was completely amazed by the end!

Teal 01bedroom

Would definitely recommend. Lovely quality paint. Great service. Only down point is not being able to buy in a store.


Beige 03living-room

Using lick was such a good experience, from the easy peel and stick testers to the stirrers provided with each paint can, the paint is such a high quality and matched the tester colour perfectly


Yellow 03kids-bedroom-nursery

I would definitely recommend Lick paint. I have just completed designing all rooms for a clients house and used Lick throughout (so look out for more room reveals coming soon!)


White 03living-room

Our decorator loved it!


White 03kitchen

Struggled to get lid off and when you finish painting and replace lid it was v difficult to remove. Also difficult to get the remainder of the paint out!


White 03bedroom

The colour matched so well to the sample cards, also love how you can move the sample cards around the room for checking different lights!


Blue 10kids-bedroom-nursery

Using Lick paint is a breeze! The coverage is unbelievable, even when painting over a dark wall. I find with this paint a little goes a long way. The colours are always a perfect match to their samples!


Blue 02bathroom

Loved it! Great paint to work with. Very happy


Blue 01bedroom

Absolutely loved working with this paint. A little went a long way, applies like a dream. Beautiful colours too!


Blue 01bedroom

Loved using the Blue 01 in our bedroom transformation. The light in our room made it look more green (which is exactly what we wanted). Nice product, easy to paint on. We still have leftovers from the single tin we used for two walls.


Beige 03bedroom

I love lick, it’s my go-to brand. Great coverage, great pigmentation.


Beige 03bedroom

100% adore lick products. Have just purchased the same to start on the hallway!Can’t wait to share it with you!


Red 03

The paint is a dream! Had a colour consult with Tash who persuaded me to go with Red 03 and I’m so happy we did.

Teal 02

I love lick paint! Coverage is great!

Purple 03living-room

Absolutely brilliant


Teal 03

Would absolutely recommend it to everyone. Used lick paint in almost every room in our house.

Blue 07living-room

Fantastic paint

Teal 01bathroom

Amazing product as always, used the Lick brushes and tray this time too


Green 01bedroom

Loved it! The perfect shade of green and the paint went on the walls super easy


Taupe 01bedroom

Great to use on all surfaces, no need to buy extra paint which is always a bonus!


Green 02

The product was really nice to use and I would recommend to others! The packaging was really nice too!

Blue 10bedroom

Love everything from the stick on paint samples to the richest of the paint. Easy to apply with great coverage.

Orange 02

We definitely recommend Lick. The paint had great pigment and coverage. Plus, the colour range is lovely!

Green 05living-room

Amazing quality paint and beautiful colour selection!


White 01

Love using lick, great paint and perfect colours.

Green 01

Highly recommend

Green 05

Absolutely love lick paint. Been recommending it to all my friends! The paint goes a long way too.

Green 05bedroom

The most calming colour! Perfect for any room.


Red 01

Amazing paint!

Pink 05bathroom

Smashed it again….the best paint we have EVER used. Tried the self adhesive wallpaper too to add some wow, and we LOVE it


Beige 03home-office

Obsessed with the peel-able samples (I might have ordered nearly all of them) and brilliant colour range. Formula is lovely and coverage is brilliant. Very impressed!


Orange 02

Absolutely love the paint! Both colours covered in just 1 coat and they look amazing

Black 01

Honestly amazing, cannot fault the paint - it genuinely is the back paint I’ve ever used. I’m already planning my next home makeover and will be purchasing some products from you!

Greige 01

First time using Lick paint, the samples were spot on and the quality of the paint was amazing!

Pink 02bedroom

The colour is beautiful, so calm and lovely! So easy to use, amazing coverage and super hard wearing!


Beige 01

Lick paint is incredible to work with, the coverage & durability are second to none, not to mention the colour choices they have to offer. Beige 01 is the holy grail - not too warm & without grey undertones, it really is the perfect beige.

Green 05living-room

Best paint we've used by far. A little goes a long way!


Pink 02

We love Lick paint

Taupe 01kitchen

This paint was a dream to use! Love the tin, love the paint, and love the colour - it’s exactly like the sample sticker! It’s transformed our utility room. Great to see Lick’s work on sustainability too, great job!


Black 01

100% would recommend!

Green 03

Lovely colour so bright and light