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3 colours that go with blue

Lick Blue 06 Paint samples with wallpaper
Image courtesy of @gsimm_design

WordsFrankie Marqueé


The colour of the sky (on a good day) and the sea, blue’s the hue to go for if you want a feeling of calmness to wash over your home. A statement that rings true of literally every type of blue (yes, even cobalt blue paint has some zen to it) whether you’re eyeing up bottom-of-the-lake navy or baby soft duck egg blue, serenity will follow suit. If you’ve got a case of the blues and are thinking of reaching for roller and paint brush, check out our colour expert Sam's selection of the best colours that go with blue to serve yourself up a seriously swoon-worthy palette.

Understanding the colour blue

So, what is it about blue that makes us all feel so chill? Unlike red which is said to set your pulse racing (read up on it in our red palette piece here), blue slows things down – heart rate, respiratory rate and in turns, brings down blood pressure. It’s a wonder then that we don’t paint every room under respective roofs in shades of blue and all go around dressed head to toe in the stuff. 

“Blue’s a brain-boosting hue and can improve concentration levels and clarity of thought.”

So take it to a home office and you’ll have paperwork done in the blink of an eye. And, it’s no surprise then that blues are a wise choice for the bedroom (read more about the best colours for bedrooms here) and the bathroom where you get to start and end your everyday with tranquility on your side.

Remember that blue can cast a chill though, so it’s more important than ever to pay close attention to base notes and colour temperature. In a bedroom for example, you might want a blue that’s as cosy as it is calm, so look out for blues with warming green undertones like Blue 01light Blue 03 or for something a bit darker, try our dark Blue 07 paint

Colours that go with blue: white 

What colour goes with dark blue, you ask? One answer – white. Go for a heritage blue like deep slate Blue 06 and pair it with a warmer white like linen White 04 and you’ve got a Georgian-inspired palette to boot. Or, take blue and white down a Scandi path and image a room with either White 01 or White 02 floorboards alongside walls in inky Blue 07 and you’ll soon see that this is a colour pairing that can flex the full classic-to-contemporary spectrum. 

“ You’ll find this combo working on every aspect of home decor from walls to what’s in your cutlery drawer.”

A love affair navy and white might be, but don’t rule out other blues from the dynamic. Blue 05 and White 05 produce a very pretty palette indeed, perfect for a guest bedroom. Or if you’re wondering what colours go with duck egg blue, consider barely-there Blue 01  with vanilla-like White 03 in your ensuite for a happy blend between fresh-as-a-daisy for morning shower folk and cocooning if you’re the before-bed bath kind. 

It’s all too easy to think in twos when it comes to finding complementary colour schemes, but room palettes are seldom made up of two hues alone. Your accessories, your upholstery, and your window treatments all contribute to your colour scheme, but sometimes, it’s a case of using more than one or two types of paint.

Enter the paint three-way, and how you decide to split the ratio, is entirely dependent on how dynamic you want your scheme to feel. For example, an even split will feel far more striking than one where you have a feature wall in say Blue 05, the remaining walls and ceiling in White 02, and then blue-based Black 01 as an accent on repainted wooden furniture. 

“An edgy, cool grouping that works well.. this is one for the trendsetter’s home.”

Do as Sam suggests by bringing in more colour to really make this palette pop – a Red 02 roller blind for the daring or dashes of mustard in soft furnishings. Graphic prints suit monochrome and blue too – think geometric cushion covers or a chevron rug.