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5 ways to recreate a Scandi kitchen

Lick paint scandi kitchen inspiration

WordsMaha Elley


Scandi interior style is all about making your home feel calm, cosy and inviting. Most Scandi homes consist of a mix of muted tones and wooden flooring with pops of colour and nature brought in through textiles and indoor plants.

A calming colour palette, sleek lines and lighting that creates an ambience are just a few of the reasons why Scandi and Japandi interior style kitchens have become so popular. If you’ve caught the Nordic interior design bug, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Scandi kitchen ideas to inspire you to transform your very own kitchen.

Scandi style kitchen idea 1: light and white colour palette

Scandinavian decor often includes a more muted or lighter colour palette. This is reflective of the weather in Nordic countries, as their winters are on the longer and darker side (hey, we can relate). 

The most popular colours in Scandi design are those that make a room feel a little brighter, such as cool greys and classic whites. Adding contrast is also encouraged, with pops of bolder and darker colours against a more neutral colour scheme. 

For your Scandi style kitchen walls, reach for whites such as the pure White 01, the creamier White 03 or White 04. Add contrast by painting an accent piece or two in the deliciously inky Blue 07, matt or eggshell Black 01 paint, or dark velvet Black 02.

Scandi style kitchen idea 2: open shelving 

Dare to bare your kitchen clutter with open shelving that isn’t hidden behind a cupboard door. Yes, that means everything you put on it is out on full display. But it also gives you a great decor opportunity, as you can show off all your favourite ceramics and glassware. Add pops of colour and nature with indoor plants.  

When done right, open shelving offers both convenience and aesthetic benefits. Learn more about how style open shelving in your kitchen

Scandi kitchen shelving inspiration Lick home
open shelving allows you to maximise light in a darker kitchen, via unsplash

Scandi style kitchen idea 3: warm woods & metal kitchenware

When you’re creating a Scandinavian space, bringing in touches of warmth is a major factor. Add a cosy feel to your kitchen by incorporating warm wood tones. This could be through your flooring choices, shelving or drawers. Contrast your woods with classy, contemporary kitchenware made of metal. That lovely mix of modern and natural will give you the Scandi-chic effect you’re after.