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6 boho living room decor ideas

Boho living room with lots of house plants

WordsMegan Lambert


When we heard that boho decor style was back, the first thing we wondered was when it left? The perennial trend, boho decor tells your story through interiors. It’s about displaying one-of-a-kind vintage finds alongside your favourite travel souvenirs and out-there artwork: layering textures, textiles and splashes of colour with natural materials. 

Your living room sees a lot of the action, so it’s a great place to have a bit of fun. That’s why we think boho decor works so well in this hub of the home. Take a look at our 6 boho living room ideas to transform your living room into a bohemian retreat.

Boho living room decor idea: bohemian paint colours

Boho paint colours work on both ends of the scale. You can go all-out for a 70s retro feel with warm reds, oranges and blues, or tone things down and opt for a neutral colour palette. If you’re going full colour, try shades like Red 03 and Yellow 02. According to colour psychology, these hues have a warming feel and an energising effect. Great for the living room where you entertain.