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The best paint colours for bedrooms

WordsMaha Elley


Want to wake up happy? Consider re-painting; your bedroom paint colour may be the source of your sleep troubles. In fact, 58% of Britons who have blue bedroom walls say they start every day feeling refreshed. According to a study by Travelodge, blue is the colour you should choose if you want to have a good nights sleep. If it’s not quite for you, how about grey bedroom walls? Read on for a more in-depth look at bedroom paint colour.

The psychology behind bedroom colours

Did you know the paint colours of bedroom walls can affect our mood and lead to many restless nights? Apply the principles of colour psychology when you decorate, however, and you’ll create a space for any occasion. We asked our colour consultant, Vanessa, to name the shades that promote healthy sleeping quarters. Along with opting for matt instead of glossy, let’s look at some hues which can evoke certain emotions.

Green bedroom walls for a calming natural oasis

Connect to nature with our range of soothing green paints. From light Green 01 to cocooning Green 06, green is known to calm the mind and provide a restful backdrop.

Check out Alexander and Claire's beautiful green bedroom bathroom transformation below for inspiration.

Blue bedroom walls for the best sleep ever

Collected and calm, blue is the colour that will create a soothing bedroom vibe. It’s also a striking shade that works like a neutral and promises a night of restful sleep. Vanessa’s go-to shades include our light blue 03 paint, mid Blue 05, Blue 06 and Blue 07 paint. She also suggests balancing the rest of the room by introducing pale colours for bedding, furniture and the ceiling too.

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Tonal teal

If you love the colour of blue but want to shake things up, teal is very on-trend right now. Teal for your bedroom walls will invigorate the space, it’s bright but it’s not too much. Try a tonal scheme by using different shades of this colour to create a cosy, cocoon-like feel. If you don’t want to commit to an all-over colour, break up blue Teal 02 with blush pink soft furnishings and accessories. Love teal but want something a bit greener? Explore our advice on green paint ideas for your bedroom.