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The most calming colour palette for your home based on colour psychology

Bedroom painted in calming colour palette of Lick Green 02 paint

WordsMegan Lambert


If you’ve ever walked into a room that’s had a really jarring effect on you, then you’ll know how visceral the effects of colours can be on our body and mind. Colour psychology - the study of how colour influences our emotions and decision-making - helps us to understand why. At Lick, we believe that colour psychology is fundamental for discovering the colours that help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. That’s why our Lick Studio team has carefully selected 6 of the most calming colours in our paint range, to bring you a palette that will leave you feeling soothed. Take a closer look at the psychology behind our calming colour palette and how to style the colours in your home.

The colour psychology behind our calming colour palette

From airy blues to grounding neutrals, comforting pinks, and nature-inspired greens, each of these six soothing hues features; low saturation, earthy notes and warm undertones. According to colour psychology, blue is the most calming colour for the mind; pink is the most physically soothing and will leave you feeling swaddled. Green, the colour of nature, is the least demanding of all the colours and is very restful on the eye. Whilst ever dependable neutrals help to ground us in the present moment. As Tash Bradley, our Director of Interior design, explains;

The result is a palette of hues that feel restful when you are around them, and give you that feeling of being wrapped gently in colour.

Tash Bradley

What makes these paint colours calming? 

Sage Green 02 is restful on the eye and “the ultimate colour for quiet reflection and personal growth”, according to Tash. It will instantly breathe life into your home, transporting you to the great outdoors.