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How to create an adorable jungle or safari theme in a nursery

Lick Safari 01 wallpaper pattern

WordsMegan Lambert


You can go wild when it comes to decorating your child’s nursery and kid’s bedroom. It’s a great space to offer them a bit of escapism, to allow them to be playful, curious, and feel safe to explore. A popular trend on Pinterest, we’ve seen lots of our decorating community transforming their children’s bedrooms into exotic jungle or animal themed safari escapes. We’re obsessed. So, here’s how you can nail that really wild look in your child’s nursery or bedroom.

Jungle and safari theme nursery idea: tropical colour scheme

Transport your little one to warmer climes with some warming tropical decor. This doesn’t have to mean wall-to-wall colour, you can keep it restful with soothing neutral decor. A little splash will go a long way to creating a fun and inviting environment for them to play. Or go full tropical vibes with warming yellows and luscious greens. Or what about channelling the pinks and purples of exotic flowers or the airy blues of a desert island sky. 

Jungle and safari theme nursery idea: wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of 2022’s hottest trends and it’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed. But we are OBSESSED with wallpaper in a kid’s bedroom. Children connect with pictures, shapes, and colours before they connect with words. Animal wallpaper is a great way to allow them to explore with their imagination. Creating little stories and characters for every giraffe, monkey or elephant they might discover. With its soft pinks, sunny yellow and soothing greens, Monkey 01 is a really fun and playful design, perfect for a child’s bedroom. Or why not try Safari 02 wallpaper, an ode to wild animals with a creamy background for a soothing feel. Don’t want to wallpaper the entire room? Go for a wallpaper feature wall.

Jungle and safari theme nursery idea: plants

Think back to your earliest memories. How every dining table towered and even the smallest garden felt like another universe to explore. Now imagine if your nursery was filled with plants. Your little ones will feel like they’re on a jungle safari every day of the year surrounded by leafy foliage. Then there’s the real life health benefits. Not only can indoor plants reduce anxiety and boost creativity, they improve a room’s air quality whilst connecting us with nature. Sound too good to be true? Learn all there is to know about the biophilic decor trend.

Jungle and safari theme nursery idea: stuffed animal toys 

Animals are a great medium for connecting with our inner child. Each one conveys a different feeling or emotion. Fill your child’s jungle safari themed bedroom with all of their favourite stuffed animal toys. You might even be surprised to see which ones they pick up, depending on what mood they’re in—whilst monkeys might be a bit more extroverted and playful, elephants are reliable and dependable, and a lion might just signify a tantrum on the horizon.