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How to feng shui your bedroom and living room for a calmer home

Bedroom of @home_in_the_crescent decorated in Lick Beige 01

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With historic roots in Buddhism, you can now find feng shui being practiced across various different cultures. Feng shui involves adding more mindfulness to your life, slowing down and taking a little more time to take in the present moment.

The meaning of feng shui

In Chinese, the words “feng shui” translate to “wind” and “water”, both vital elements for life. The use of colour in feng shui relates to 5 elements of earth, metal, water, wood fire - colours found in nature bring good energy and create balance. This has clear links to colour psychology which explains how different colours can impact your mood. 

If you’re looking for a bit more zen in your life (and hey, who isn’t?), learn how to use feng shui to create a calmer home.

How to feng shui your bedroom and living room 

The rooms where you’ll want to start your feng shui boosting are the rooms where you rest and relax: your bedroom and your living room.

  • Start with a good old decluttering session. Something we all tend to put off, but it feels so therapeutic when we finally get it done. 
  • Next, it’s time to think of layouts. In feng shui, one of the main principles is the commanding position. This is the position of some of your important furniture pieces, such as your desk (representing your career), your bed (representing you), and the stove (representing wealth). Although moving around your stove may not be an option, position other important furniture items such as your bed and your sofa to face towards the door. According to feng shui, this puts you in the best position to attract positive energy.
  • In bedrooms in particular, good feng shui is all about balance. Mirror your side tables, lamps and pillows to ensure the space feels harmonious.

The best colours for good feng shui

Let’s talk colours. In feng shui, certain colours are believed to promote calm and better sleep. When decorating your bedroom, reach for muted shades or colours you may find in nature. Here are a few examples of feng shui colours for your bedroom:

  • Off-whites such as the cool White 02 with grey undertones

Hallway decorated in Lick White 02 paint shade
White 02 paint shade on the wall with shadow