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How to pick the right front door colour

Front doors painted in Lick Grey 08, Yellow 02, Blue 01 and Pink 04 Exterior paint

WordsFrankie Marqueé


A colourful front door is good for the soul. Walking up to a neighbour’s yellow front door will put a smile on your face, for sure. Front door colours matter and should never be an afterthought so here’s an easy guide on how to find your perfect match…

Things to consider when choosing the right front door paint colour

Naturally, your door colour needs to be one that turns any frown upside down. In other words, you’ve got to love it for it to work its magic – so don’t pick one to simply fit in with everyone else's on the street. 

That being said, if you live in a line of cottages where front door paint colours all sit in the realm of quintessentially country, it’s worth pausing for thought. Your home’s architecture can point you in the direction of paint colours that will complement it best. 

Do you have stained glass windows aside your front door or a patterned tile entryway? Features like these will play a part in the look and feel of your front door so make sure they’re harmonious with one another. You could even pull out one of the colours from the tiled floor and use that as inspiration for your front door paint colour. Also look at your window frames, any fencing or pots and plants at the front of your house so you can be confident the colours you choose work as one cohesive whole.

And when you think you might have found the one, order a peel-and-stick paint sample of it first and check it out at different points of the day to be 100% sure you like it in all versions of daylight. 

How to pair your front door colour to your home

Now to get hands-on with your preferred hues as we talk colour harmony. 

Lots of houses have their entire exterior painted, whether that’s in classic crisp white or a pretty pastel. If that rings true for you or if you’re thinking of cracking open a tin and giving it a go (check out our guide on how to paint your house exterior), you’ll want to be as sure as can be that your front door colour is going to complement your masonry paint.

Lick colour specialists step right up in that case with colour pairings for all of our exterior & masonry paint colours:

Grey front door paint

Whether you’re going pale and whisper-soft or deep and slate, a grey front door is one that suits all eras of architecture and is so easygoing that it’ll work with all manner of masonry paint colours. If you want to keep things 100% neutral, grey outdoor paints pair well with tones like White 01 or White 04. Or, see grey as your neutral and a foil to perkier hues like Pink 04.

Red front door paint

Less pillar box, more warm and welcoming terracotta-style Red 02 that’ll give a rosy glow to home modern and heritage. Just like with yellow, we suggest colour pairings from the neutral camp for a red front door – grey and white outdoor paints, that’s you. White 04 is our personal favourite match for Red 02 – a classic coupling if ever there was one.

@HOMERENOVATION_SIDCUP paints their front door in Red 03 exterior paint
@HOMERENOVATION_SIDCUP paints their front door in Red 03 exterior paint
Exterior brick wall painted in Lick White 04 Exterior paint

Pink front door paint

Turning the dial down from red, a pink front door is the answer when you want something delicate but still with plenty of pick-me-up. Pink 04 has grey undertones so it’ll work wonders with our other grey exterior paints – choose softly-softly Grey 01 for something more country and Grey 08 for contemporary feels.