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How to style these timeless neutral paint colours in your home

Living room decorated in Lick Grey 10 paint

WordsFrankie Marqueé


You can't go wrong with neutrals.

Kelly Hoppen

From buzzing kitchen to downtime bedroom, you can use the neutrals in just-launched Lick x Kelly Hoppen neutral paint collection anywhere and everywhere safe in the knowledge they’ll work every time. As Kelly Hoppen put it: “you just can’t  go wrong with neutrals.” 

Effortless as they are, our resident colour experts have picked out a few suggested palettes per room for you to stick with or twist, however, you, fancy…

A guide to neutrals: textures and layering

When we say neutral hues like those in Kelly Hoppen’s neutral paint collection work wonders anywhere, we don’t just mean from room to room. Ceilings, walls, skirting boards, doors, architraves – they translate to every surface too. Kelly Hoppen herself is a great fan of painting walls and skirting in the same tone so that the wall almost bleeds into the floor, continuing the flow of colour. That’s one way to layer – across surfaces. 

Not only that, apply more than a few paint colours in the same room, in any proportion to give rise to a neutral colour palette that will feel harmonious and considered. And if you’re really feeling the neutrals, work with all six shades in the collection and spread them throughout your home so you have a head-to-toe neutral colour palette. That’s layering part two – overlapping colours to build a scheme.

Lick palette 04 timeless neutrals mood board with a mix of different textures and Lick peel-and-stick samples

But layering also involves building different levels of texture and depth in your room, something that these neutrals will inspire you to do to no end. They create a calming backdrop against more dominant furnishings and tactile finishes. Layer your neutral paint colours with:

  • Natural linen upholstery
  • Rattan furniture (hello cane headboard or vintage bar trolley)
  • Velvets in muted hues
  • Jute rugs (or sisal or seagrass for that matter)
  • Bouclé weave accent seating
  • Honed or polished marble countertops in the kitchen
  • Plenty of natural woods to boot from oak to unbleached pine and walnut

Palette 04 mood board with Lick timeless neutrals paint tins and Lick peel-and-stick paint samples positioned in front.
Lick palette 04 mood board with Lick paint tins and Lick peel-and-stick samples positioned in front.