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Interior trends: what are the new neutrals?

Neutral kitchen cabinets and cupboards decorated in Lick Pink 01 paint shade

WordsMaha Elley


You’ve heard of neutrals, but have you heard of the new ‘twist’ on this interior design colour scheme? Say hello to the “new neutrals”, an increasingly popular palette that you’ll spot all over Instagram and Pinterest home decor accounts over the next few years.

Never heard of it? Discover 2021’s rising colour trend: ‘new neutrals’ and learn why you should bring these colours into your home.

Rising interior trend: the new neutrals

So, what are new neutrals?

Earthier than the cool greys and classic whites that you may normally think of when you hear “neutrals”, new neutrals are neutrals with a bit more character to them. They’re typically more warming colours that can help you create that calm yet uplifting space to retreat to from the outside world, without being totally devoid of colour. And they fit right into current popular design trends, with most styles this year geared towards helping us create a comforting and nurturing home environment.

In the words of Vanessa (one of our in-house Colour Consultants), with new neutrals “'s no longer about greys and white. If you're thinking about adding warmth to your home, consider introducing new neutrals such as greige and softer pink tones. With grown-up pinks leading the way, it is no wonder we have seen a growing trend in muted tones being used as a neutral base for many design schemes.”

What are the new neutrals?

Let’s talk colours. Here are some of the most popular shades in the new neutral colour family:

Greige paint

Described by Vanessa as “the perfect blend between grey and beige”, greige offers a clean and contemporary feel, whilst the beige undertones add a touch of warmth and cosiness. Intrigued? Learn everything you need to know about greige paint here.

We love greige so much, we have two shades of it. Greige 01 is a muted green grey blend, while Greige 02 is a wonderfully warm greyish taupe.

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Pink paint

Interestingly, the most popular colours we’re seeing at the moment are pink and green. Soft pinks such as light Pink 01 and Pink 02 are a great choice if you’re looking for a light colour to substitute your traditional neutrals.

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