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The perfect kids' bedroom ideas based on their personality

Kids bedroom painted in Orange 02



Even as adults, we sometimes get overwhelmed when it comes to new changes and experiences - be it decorating a new house, or just changing the plate set in the kitchen. With so many colours around, it’s often hard to choose ‘the one’ for our space, which might result in hours spent doing thinking, planning, and the occasional ‘Are you more a ‘green’ or a ‘blue’ person?’ quiz. But what about the little ones? How do we pick the best colour for a kids' bedroom?

Choosing a colour for the little ones is actually really easy with the right preparation and a good dose of understanding what makes them tick. To get started, ask yourself this question: 'How would I describe my kid in three words?'. Think about their likes and dislikes, how they’re spending their time, what fascinates them. Maybe they’ve already marked the walls in your home with watercolour handprints and little rainbows… or maybe they enjoy quietly reading a book in the sunshine… or maybe... yes, collecting bugs is a hobby too! 

To celebrate September - the month when kids start the new school year, we’ve chosen to focus on some easy DIY and painting ideas for children's bedrooms and play areas. With our ‘Back To School’ theme we’re hoping to give you a bit of inspiration for your decorating projects, but also, as ambitious as it sounds, to help you understand your kids better. 

In order to do that, we asked our Colour Specialist Sam Bramley (a superstar at Lick and supermum at home) to dig deeper into the different kids' personalities and come up with a colour palette for each one of them. Here they are - 9 colour schemes for 9 kids personalities: The Gamer, The Explorer, The Artist, The Limelighter, The Wild Child, The Dreamer, The Bookworm, The Pink Lover, and a special one - Colourful Spectrums.

Blonde woman with two kids in front of a geometric pattern wall

The Gamer

You probably know this personality pretty well. The Gamer type is playful, whizz, always moving around and exercising some freshly learned action moves. For that personality, Sam chose our Grey 01, Grey 03, Blue 04, Blue 06 and Orange 02 colours. Pair them well and you'll create a fun ambience that will keep the little one curious and energised.

The Explorer

This is for the one who's always curious, the one who wants to see everything. The stone collector, the bug enthusiast, the brave detective. For all the explorers out there, Sam picked our Greige 02, Green 01, White 01 and Green 08. These colours will easily bring the outside in, creating a feeling like you're playing in nature. When picking a colour for The Explorer, make sure that it's an earthy one, preferably with green or grey undertones. Our Greige palette is the perfect choice for that.