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Meet Sam Bramley: Lick Lead Colour Consultant

Portrait of Sam Bramley, Lick Lead Colour Consultant

Wordsmatilda martin


We’re really excited to introduce to you Sam Bramley; a designer, Art Director, DIY enthusiast, Lick’s Lead Colour Consultant, and more - a true all-rounder!

Sam has a BA in Applied Arts from Derby University, a degree that allowed her to explore and nurture her creativity, studying everything from photography to graphic design. Sam’s career began in the magical world of film and television. Her roles were just as colourful and diverse with every day being unique - some of her titles include Art Director, Standby Art Director, and Graphic Designer. She was responsible for everything from building sets to styling locations and making props.

Sam then went freelance as a traditional Interior Designer, working on commercial and residential projects… but quickly slipped into the online world of working, specialising in computer-generated renders. Sam worked for one of the leading paint brands in the UK, as an Interior Designer and Colour Consultant, bringing over 6 years of online experience in the field. Her love of interiors and colour is part of her makeup and the common thread throughout her career.

Sam joined Lick in August 2020 and has, to date, helped design more than 1,500 rooms. So let’s sit down with this powerhouse to find out where she sources her inspiration, why she loves DIY, and what her predictions are for the future of interiors.

Where do you source your inspiration?

I am a very visual person and tend to source my inspiration from books, magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, and set design. I’m always on the lookout for a new design book that will inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. And Instagram is a great place to find the latest DIY hacks!

Check out Sam’s Pinterest board.

How would you describe your interior style?

I would describe my interior style as contemporary, but I love adding twists. A little preppy softness here, a little touch of graphic accents there.

When it comes to decorating my own home, I have to work within the parameters of my lifestyle. I’ve designed my home to accommodate family living. I have two young boys and a (very) large dog. Any decor pieces, therefore, have to be functional to withstand spilled hot chocolate and muddy paws!

With working in an industry that brings daily inspiration on a mass scale, you can fall down the hole of following fashion, but over the years I have found my comfort zone and my direction - in warm pinky-white walls. They are the perfect blank canvas, allowing me to experiment and layer different colours, patterns, and styles.

I am also led by quality, sustainability, and longevity. I seriously consider what that piece is going to bring to my space and whether it will have value in the future. For example, passing down the family line or reselling it.