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Farmhouse meets eclectic in Tash Bradley’s stunning Somerset home

WordsMegan Lambert


Turning a four-bed rented cottage in Somerset into a cosy farmhouse-meets-eclectic home is no mean feat. But Tash Bradley, Lick’s Director of Interior Design, managed it––without breaking the bank. A lesson in combining decor styles, as well as how to decorate a rented home whilst still making it feel like your own, we take a look at how Tash transformed this centuries-old house, with a lick of paint.

Tash’s kitchen decorated in Green 05 Rome House

"The units are a pale, creamy colour, so we wanted to go darker on the walls to have a cool contrast." That's where Green 05 Rome House comes in. "It has a strong yellow undertone giving it a rich energising feel–ideal for a kitchen". According to Tash, this room doesn't get much light;

"According to Tash, this room doesn’t get much light. “I always encourage people to work with the light that they’re given. People often think that you should go light if you have a small, dark room. However, when you try to fight against the light by going for lighter paint choices, those colours can look dull, flat and lifeless. Darker colours, on the other hand, actually absorb shadow, meaning the corners of rooms are more blurred. This makes a smaller, dark room appear larger than it is. Going darker, therefore, gives the illusion of space and can also make a room feel warmer”.

Tash adds a pine dresser to store their plates and tableware, as well as some eco-friendly, plastic-free Kilner jar storage, giving the kitchen a real traditional farmhouse feel.

Tash’s living room decorated in Pink 04  

“When we’d finished painting this room, without the furniture it looked overwhelming. It wasn’t until we put the sofas back in and added the artwork and mirrors that it started to break up the Pink 04”. A lesson - if ever there was one - is to trust the process. Now, the tonal harmony instantly makes you relax––“Pink 04 is just cuddles in a tin”. Alongside playing with tones of pink (“one of the biggest interior design trends to look out for in 2022”, she says) Tash has used a complementary colour scheme in the form of a yellow vase, blue artwork, and a mustard armchair. It is quintessentially eclectic decor style and her curated collection of ornaments and trinkets make this room sing.