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The best indoor plants according to your decor style

House plants

WordsMegan Lambert


Indoor plants are officially, in. A growing trend, they made their debut at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show with the first House Plant Studios category. Not only are they a lush addition to our decor, their benefits to our health are backed by science. From reduced stress to increased productivity, they can even improve our air quality and help mitigate the environmental effects on respiratory conditions like asthma. 

According to the principles of the biophilic interior design trend, it’s a human need to feel close to nature that is at the root of our love of indoor plants. So, in case you needed any more reasons to get growing in your living room, we’re sharing the best indoor plants according to your decor style.

The best indoor plants for Japandi style decor

All about creating a feeling of harmony and tranquillity, Japandi style decor aims to bring a sense of zen to the most hectic of homes. The key is in simplicity, so go for a ‘less is more’ approach. Choose fewer plants that will make an impact. There’s a reason so many spas go in for bamboo; its striking green leaves and woody branches create that sense of serenity you’re hoping to achieve. Both bamboo plants and Japandi decor like lots of natural light, so make sure your plant is close to a window. Winning the award for the world’s fastest-growing plant, you may just buy a small shrub and end up with jungle on your hands. So long as you look after your bamboo properly.

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The best indoor plants for boho decor

Boho decor and indoor plants go together like strawberries and cream. They were made for each other. The boho decor trend is all about showing off your unique style through eclectic furnishings, with an emphasis on exotic finds and travel trinkets. Feel free to go for tropical plants, like parlour palms, banana leaf plants, or even the odd potted cacti. Hanging plants like devil’s ivy will feel right at home in a macramé hanging basket whilst a leafy palm will look perfect poking out of a seagrass planter.

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The best indoor plants for Scandi decor

Synonymous with simplicity, Scandi interior style is all about untreated woods, rugged metals, and lots of natural light. This emphasis on natural and rustic elements pairs well with indoor plants, especially low-maintenance, structurally beautiful ones, like snake plants. Pop them on a wooden or metal stand in the corner of your room (they’re not fans of direct sunlight) for spot-on Scandi style. And for that typically Scandi open-shelving? A few pilea peperomioides in stone pots will add visual interest and some greenery to your shelf decor.

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