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Understanding the different shades of pink

Bedroom painted in Lick Pink 03 paint

WordsFrankie Marqueé


Pink is hot to trot: fact. The world over has been swooning for the barely-there, ballet pump variety for many a season now, fashion powerhouses aplenty have teamed fuchsia with canary yellow too much applause, and don’t get us started on the global phenomenon that is millennial pink (correction, do get us started in a few paragraphs time). Pink is a paradox. It’s all things sweet and innocent but so too can it be fierce and feminist, punk and powerful.

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To navigate the different shades of pink is to study their undertones, to appreciate which other colours they’ll get on with best, and to get clued up on what sort of room they’ll come alive in most of all (you can get plenty more of advice on that right here). So, without further ado, it’s time to take pink by the horns with the help of our colour conultant Sam Bramley

Lick paint colour consultant Sam Bramley headshot

Picking your perfect pink paint colour

Calamine? Flamingo? How about baby pink? And how does that differ to pastel pink and blossom? There are more than a few different shades of pink to say the least, many of which have different names for the same thing. To make decision-making ten times less daunting, our resident colourists have edited down the spectrum to just three core tones. All you need to do is figure out which speaks to you and your room-to-be-decorated in the utterly eloquent language of l-o-v-e.

“Pink 01 is the soft guy out of our pinks – understated, calm and complements many colour schemes.”


The softly spoken pink: Pink 01

There’s not really a bad word to say about our light baby Pink 01 paint. It’s a people-pleasing pink that’s on the money if one of you fancies pink and the other wants to veto it. It’s a quiet pink, a delicate pink, a setting plaster sort of pink that’ll sit back in your room and behave like a very beautiful wallflower indeed. The hint of grey lends it just enough coolness that it will feel anything but staid and traditional, but it’s anything but cold – think dove grey undertones rather than steel or charcoal grey (but if you like charcoal, check out our charcoal grey paint Grey 08).


Put it in an east-facing room that gets most use in the morning when the sun will be flooding through or a south-facing room where it’ll be full of light all day long – just to temper the warmth and tone the room down a notch.

Pair it with Greige 02 – the epitome of elegance when in a room together.