Lick x CALM: The Joyful Collection

We are partnering with mental health charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to encourage conversations around mental health and help you find joyful moments at home.

Lick Joyful palette tins stacked against Mindful 03 wallpapefr

Campaign Against Living Miserably

Being against living miserably means shouting about life. Looking for the joy, fun and reasons to keep on moving forward, no matter what you’re facing. From advice on their website through to free, confidential chats with their helpline staff, online or on the phone, they’re here for anyone who’s struggling, every single day of the year. No matter what. But they can't do it alone. Stand with CALM.

Create a happy home with colour

When life has got you feeling low, our Joyful Palette has been designed to boost your mood and create a happy home with colour. From energising blues to warming yellows, these are the colours to put a smile on your face. Our joyful collection is here to help you create happier moments at home. If you’re finding that happy days feel out of reach and you need support, talk to CALM.

The Joyful Palette

Bathroom decorated in Pink 01

Pink 01: Soft and understated, Pink 01 is your go-to for a soothing hue. Its gentle grey undertones feel contemporary yet full of character, creating a joyful, inherent brightness.

A children's bedroom scene decorated in Blue 08

Blue 08: Warm, vibrant and full of vitality, Blue 08 will awaken the mind. The perfect colour to brighten your day and make you smile.

Green 14: With a dash of yellow and grey, Green 14 is uplifting and optimistic. This soft green will bring bounce to any space.

Hallway decorated in Lick Yellow 08 paint shade

Yellow 08: Soft and soothing, Yellow 08 is an earthy hue that brings all the warmth. A subtle ray of sunshine full of good vibes and positive energy.